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April 5, 2011

baby showers

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Once upon a time, I co-hosted a couple of baby showers for some dear, sweet friends, Lane and Gina. I say once upon a time, because it was literally ages ago. They both have adorable real life babies now and I so I figure it’s time to put some pictures up from their showers.

A fun side note to these showers, I was unknowingly pregnant for both of them. We found out we were expecting the day after Gina’s shower. So for everyone who has asked me to put up pregnant pictures of myself, here you go! Two birds, one stone….


April 1, 2011

Hog Wrestling Part 2

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Here are the rest of the hog wrestling pics, complete with pics from the kids’ hog scramble and the ladies’ division hog wrestling.

Get prepared to see this year’s title holders for overall best time in any division.

Also, Happy April Fool’s Day, but these hogs are no joke.

Giving ribbons to kids is the highlight of his week.



Catch a hog. Get famous.



If you cover their eyes, they're easier to catch.



Fact: I will take a picture of any kid with spider face. Oh, and that kid got a hog.



Showing off the prize.



Awaiting the lady hog wrestling matches



I don't know these girls, but I respect them.



And their persistence.



Team Ali and Victoria, capitalizing on the pig jump.



Leg catch.



A quick reverse piggy back ride.



Under control.



In the bag.



And over the line.



Team Sheridan and Tiffany, staring down their prey



That hog never stood a chance.



VelociSheridan heads back for the bag



Ready to bag that hog



Bag it.



Ship it.






That guy in back was really excited.



No, he was really excited.



Sheridan was really disappointed to hear they got 9.8 seconds, an overall record.



Their time did not make Sheridan and Tiffany the queens of hog wrestling. Because this girl already won that crown.



How many queens have one of these?



And with the buckle, comes fame.








March 31, 2011

hog wrestling part 1

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Yes–hog wrestling.
This weekend a group of us headed down to Sabinal, TX to eat BBQ, play dominoes, lay out by the pool and to wrestle giant, nasty, mud-covered hogs into burlap sacks to try to win belt buckles. It is as weird and wonderful as it sounds.  Since being pregnant automatically disqualifies you from participating, I was happy to sit on the sidelines taking pictures and cheering on the contenders.

Before we get into the pictures, of which there will be two parts with tomorrow’s segment featuring the overall champion wrestlers, a note needs to be made.

The greatest picture of hog wrestling was not taken.

It was a picture of me.

I’m not sure exactly what my face did the first time I watched a hog be wrestled and make that horrific snort/scream/screech sound three feet away from me but I was completely caught of guard with pity/surprise/terror and my face contorted in ways I’d never felt before.

The picture of me watching that would have been priceless. But I’m glad it doesn’t exist.

The Ultimate Hog Wrestling DJ/MC


This is what you look like after wrestling.










Apparently hogs jump.








Team Brad and Cory






In their grasps






In the sack, over the line






Team Evan and Chris



Evan in pursuit.



Evan wrestling the hog down. Yes, I was proud.



Bagging gone wrong.



Recaught, rebagging. Chris is warrior.



Bagging gone right. They are so red.






Team Luke and Wes. On the prowl. I missed the catch due to that camera.



Nice bag.



Already running.



Forgot the backside.








March 29, 2011

lazy mornings

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There is something so special about the time spent in bed on lazy mornings. Snuggling in the covers, welcoming the new day’s sunlight through the window while simultaneously ignoring all the obligations and activities the new day brings. It’s capturing the day’s essence, with new beauties and mercies and possibilities but not yet muddling it with to-do lists and plans. I think lazy mornings become even more precious with kids. You only have them for 6570 mornings, and clearly they can’t all be lazy and they can’t all be spent together. You get even fewer with your nephews, so I soaked mine up while I was in Arizona.

Oh sweet little Colin, how I adored your bedtime stories and goodnight kisses. You were such a lovely host.

March 8, 2011


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This weekend Evan and I had the honor of celebrating the engagement of Wes and Sheridan with friends and family in San Antonio. They have fast become some of our dearest friends and we couldn’t have been happier to share in their joy. Even though we had to be late to the party there was more than enough excitement, love and celebration to last well into the weekend. The initial excited hugs alone made the entire trip worth it.

I think Wes’s mom summed up the sentiments well in writing “soooooo happy this morning…tears of pure joy…I don’t think my life could be any better right now!!” Their relationship is such an encouragement that it truly blesses those who know them well, making their own lives richer. Thanks Wes and Sheridan for making our lives better, and for introducing us to nanny’s breakfast. Yum!

He likes her.


I love those boys! And they love our baby!


The Murphy family

The bling. He done good.

The engagement date 3/5/2011

March 1, 2011

Memories: Austin City Limits

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Remember when the weather was hot and breezy and the days were spent playing 42, eating Mighty Cone and listening to Trombone Shorty?

This picture reminded me today.

Isn’t life grand?


February 22, 2011

It’s Official!

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We’re having a Fightin’ Texas Aggie.

Thanks and gig em’.



February 18, 2011

Traditional Prothro Thanksgiving

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The average Thanksgiving looks pretty similar in most American homes. There’s turkey, side dishes, pie, parades, football and naps. Then there are those special things every family does to make the holiday their own. In the Prothro family that breaks down to a one key ingredient: friendly competition. Thanksgiving held a rousing game of around the world, several ping pong matches, and a scavenger hunt all topped off with the national anthem, sung by the winner (loser?) of the annual Nut for the Year contest.

To clarify, Nut for the Year is decided by an annual conference call made between all member of the Prothro family and their spouses. Embarrassing stories about family members from that year are brought to light, narrated, embellished and then voted on to determine the year’s Nut. The winner gets the esteemed honor of singing the National Anthem while holding the American flag during Thanksgiving. Then a very classy statue of a squirrel residing on a giant walnut is presented by last year’s winner for the new winner to keep proudly displayed in their home for the following year.

Anyone else have any fun family traditions?

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