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September 30, 2011

wonderful news!

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This ugly blog is dead. I decided I could no longer take its ugly theme, ridiculous formatting problems and horrible constricting sidebar that covers up pictures. So today in a fit of productive rage, I made a new blog. It makes me happier already and hopefully it will make you happy too. Please come visit and add it to your RSS feeds.

It even has its own domain:



September 20, 2011


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Just in case the lack of pictures made you wonder if little Hadley was still doing awesome things, let me assure you SHE IS.  That is, if you consider going swimming and batting toys and smiling awesome, which maybe only I do. Either way here is some picture evidence of the awesomeness.

Laying next to dad during football--AWESOME.

Sleeping on mom during a movie--AWESOME.

Wearing sunscreen-AWESOME.

Ruffle butt-AWESOME! Swimming for 3 minutes because the pool was cold-AWESOME!

Lounging on the playmat-AWESOME.

Big bright eyes-AWESOME.

Forest creatures-AWESOME.


Double smiling-DOUBLE AWESOME.