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April 8, 2011

Let it be known.

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I want our kid to look exactly like Evan. He was the sweetest looking little boy. I’m just saying….


April 5, 2011

baby showers

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Once upon a time, I co-hosted a couple of baby showers for some dear, sweet friends, Lane and Gina. I say once upon a time, because it was literally ages ago. They both have adorable real life babies now and I so I figure it’s time to put some pictures up from their showers.

A fun side note to these showers, I was unknowingly pregnant for both of them. We found out we were expecting the day after Gina’s shower. So for everyone who has asked me to put up pregnant pictures of myself, here you go! Two birds, one stone….

April 1, 2011

Hog Wrestling Part 2

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Here are the rest of the hog wrestling pics, complete with pics from the kids’ hog scramble and the ladies’ division hog wrestling.

Get prepared to see this year’s title holders for overall best time in any division.

Also, Happy April Fool’s Day, but these hogs are no joke.

Giving ribbons to kids is the highlight of his week.



Catch a hog. Get famous.



If you cover their eyes, they're easier to catch.



Fact: I will take a picture of any kid with spider face. Oh, and that kid got a hog.



Showing off the prize.



Awaiting the lady hog wrestling matches



I don't know these girls, but I respect them.



And their persistence.



Team Ali and Victoria, capitalizing on the pig jump.



Leg catch.



A quick reverse piggy back ride.



Under control.



In the bag.



And over the line.



Team Sheridan and Tiffany, staring down their prey



That hog never stood a chance.



VelociSheridan heads back for the bag



Ready to bag that hog



Bag it.



Ship it.






That guy in back was really excited.



No, he was really excited.



Sheridan was really disappointed to hear they got 9.8 seconds, an overall record.



Their time did not make Sheridan and Tiffany the queens of hog wrestling. Because this girl already won that crown.



How many queens have one of these?



And with the buckle, comes fame.