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March 31, 2011

hog wrestling part 1

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Yes–hog wrestling.
This weekend a group of us headed down to Sabinal, TX to eat BBQ, play dominoes, lay out by the pool and to wrestle giant, nasty, mud-covered hogs into burlap sacks to try to win belt buckles. It is as weird and wonderful as it sounds.  Since being pregnant automatically disqualifies you from participating, I was happy to sit on the sidelines taking pictures and cheering on the contenders.

Before we get into the pictures, of which there will be two parts with tomorrow’s segment featuring the overall champion wrestlers, a note needs to be made.

The greatest picture of hog wrestling was not taken.

It was a picture of me.

I’m not sure exactly what my face did the first time I watched a hog be wrestled and make that horrific snort/scream/screech sound three feet away from me but I was completely caught of guard with pity/surprise/terror and my face contorted in ways I’d never felt before.

The picture of me watching that would have been priceless. But I’m glad it doesn’t exist.

The Ultimate Hog Wrestling DJ/MC


This is what you look like after wrestling.










Apparently hogs jump.








Team Brad and Cory






In their grasps






In the sack, over the line






Team Evan and Chris



Evan in pursuit.



Evan wrestling the hog down. Yes, I was proud.



Bagging gone wrong.



Recaught, rebagging. Chris is warrior.



Bagging gone right. They are so red.






Team Luke and Wes. On the prowl. I missed the catch due to that camera.



Nice bag.



Already running.



Forgot the backside.









  1. I have looked at these pictures about 7 times, and every time I smile more and more. What a great weekend!!!!

    Comment by Wes — March 31, 2011 @ 1:09 pm

  2. Did one of the guys have on a “hat-cam”?

    Comment by cici — March 31, 2011 @ 1:21 pm

  3. Oh Julie … you are the best … please be prepared to have a ton more blog readers after I send this link to everyone that I know. Like Wesley, I have smiled and relived every happy from last week through these pictures. Thanks so much.

    P.S. I promise that the next time we see you I will carry around my little pocket camera ready to take pictures of whatever crazy contorted face you make …

    Much love to the 3 of you …


    Comment by Theresa — March 31, 2011 @ 1:34 pm

  4. I am so sad I missed this, but the pictures are amazing. Chris, my husband, is so sexy.

    Although – if I know what tomorrows blog post holds I bet a few ladies will be touting their sexiness as well.

    Comment by JHIll — March 31, 2011 @ 1:36 pm

  5. This definitely made me laugh out loud…..

    Comment by Peggy Fermier — March 31, 2011 @ 7:00 pm

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