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October 7, 2010

The Final Schedule

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So after listening to, researching and reviewing over 100 ACL bands here are some of my thoughts about this project. When I decided I wanted to really experience all the best possible shows at ACL and took up the endeavor to do so, I never thought it would be such a big project. If I had, I probably wouldn’t have done it. After all, I could have just read blurbs on the ACL sight and done stage roulette and probably still had an amazing experience. Fortunately/unfortunately, I’m stubborn. Once I decided I was going to do this, I was going to do this, regardless of how silly, or how little anyone really wanted to read my opinions on random bands. In the end I felt really happy about it too. Not only did I finish but I also found lots of new bands to love. When I was in school, I was obsessed with finding new music and lately that just hasn’t been the case. I’ve been living off of new music from mix cds mailed by Lyndesey Hefer (love!) and car commercials. It was great to get back in the swing of music. I didn’t love the timeline of it all, squeezing in so much music I could really feel my brain swelling, but that was mostly a factor of procrastination at the beginning. In the end, I’m excited about so many more bands than I had expected, and lots of bands with early slots, which is usually not the case. All in all, I was happy to devote a chunk of my life to music over the past few months, because when it comes down to it, music is one of the things that brings me the most happiness.

Also, I should have proof-read more. Lots of errors.

I know this has put other blogging on hiatus and people may be sick of seeing posts with that giant ACL logo, so, to appease, here are some upcoming blogs having nothing to do with music:

  • Cruise pictures!
  • Thoughts about Dave Ramsey
  • Some books I’ve been reading (and a book giveaway!)
  • Fun surprises from Evan
  • Fall foliage (it just has to happen first!)
  • The greatest doughnuts of all time

Have a wonderful Thursday and here is my final schedule. It has been well researched, well planned and I’m quite happy with the end result.

There were a few conflicts but only a few so big that I am actually torn about choosing, most of them were quick decisions or concerts where I can split sets if I so desire. The big conflicts are:

Matt and Kim/Deadmau5

-I’m probably most excited about seeing Matt and Kim because I love their music right now but I think that Deadmau5 is going to be an unbelievable spectacle/performance.

Spoon/Amos Lee

-This shouldn’t be a hard one since I’ve seen Amos Lee before, but that is the whole problem, I just can’t bring myself to take him and his gorgeous voice off my schedule.

Devendra Banhart and the Grogs/Dawes

-Two new bands that I both really want to see. Devendra’s versatility verus Dawes’ folky groove. Can’t pick.

Ryan Bingham/Robert Randolph/Vampire Weekend

-Three bands in one slot? It was too much. I think I know how it will play out but I’m still a tad undecided.













  1. Congratulations, that was quite the endeavor!!

    Comment by Evan — October 7, 2010 @ 4:03 pm

  2. 😦

    Comment by Brad — October 10, 2010 @ 12:01 pm

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