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October 6, 2010

ACL Roundup: Bands that Start with the Letters U, V, W, X, Y & Z

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Look! It’t the last one! I finished. Nothing has shown be my stubbornness to finish quite like this project. Here are the End of Alphabet Bands, ranked 1-5 on my likelihood of seeing them at ACL.

Vampire Weekend- Since first hearing Vampire Weekend, I’ve have mixed feelings. I know that they are all the rage right now and I get it. Their songs are catchy and upbeat and the lead singer has a great voice. They add fun touches and different instruments into their songs too. They’ll put on a great show and I’ll definitely go, then maybe I’ll be 100% on the bandwagon.
My Vote: 4

Vonnegutt- These guys mix r&b and rap with some lyrically-driven pop-rock. They’re somewhat similar to Gym Class Heroes. There songs are catchy and have good beats but I don’t think it really catches my attention. The lyrics are somewhat lacking, mostly about girls, which I guess happens with rap a lot but it just doesn’t do it for me. Not to mention they are playing pretty early in the morning and early in the day=not a time I want to listen to this type of music.
My Vote: 1

Warpaint- This female foursome from Los Angeles sings harmonies in hushed, dreamy tones. Their overall sound is really mellow, the kind of mellow that is borderline depressing at times, with lucid guitars and varying rhythms. I do enjoy some of their songs especially Elephants and Billie Holiday but I’m not particularly stoked about seeing them at a festival.
My Vote: 3

Wesley Bray & The Disciples of Joy- These guys have beautiful voices. I can’t figure out how gospel singers all have these amazingly clear, deep voices that are just dripping with soul. It’s really rare to hear a voice like that outside of the gospel genre. I’d like to see these guys and luckily I can because they’re also on the Gospel Brunch Circuit in Austin. I’m really excited about starting to do that. I’m also excited to have some weekends in Austin with nothing to do but Gospel Brunch, come on 2011!
My Vote: 2

White Rabbits- This is a six-man indie rock back from Brooklyn. They had the honor of being named one of the top three live performances of SXSW in 2008. This band brings something special to a live performance by having not only two singers, but two percussionists as well. If there is one thing cooler than one drummer, it’s two, playing in sync. It adds a lot of energy and life to their music.
My Vote: 3

Yeasayer- These guys are quite unique. This group out of Brooklyn makes music that is full of layer upon layer of music, interlacing samples, beats, synth and everything in between into melodies that somehow make sense. Somewhere I read that listening to them was like going on a world musical Safari, sampling little bits of everything and then moving on to something else.
My Vote: 3

Whew. I did it. Now to post my schedule, the conflicts that remain and a few reflections on this whole ordeal.


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    Way to go Julie P. I have followed every artist here and listened to all of ur 3 stars and up. Nicely done, I hope you have a great time this weekend and make it out to all the bands u wanted to see.

    Comment by Beardo — October 6, 2010 @ 9:06 pm

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