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October 29, 2010

lsm cruise 2010

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Remember that time we went on a cruise with six of our best friends?


Well then let me tell you, it was amazing. We spent our days lazing in the sun, eating copious amounts of food, playing dominoes, reading, snorkeling, eating, enjoying late night catch phrase, losing at bingo, watching shows, winning at roulette, napping, eating, sliding on the water slide, sightseeing, cruising, eating and enjoying all being together.

I think the word I would choose is epic.

I can’t believe how lucky we were to take a cruise with six people we love so much. I also can’t believe how few pictures I took. I took my camera out about three times on the cruise, once in the morning on the boat with Evan, once on our excursion to  Honduras, and once for dinner, where Evan was sweet enough to be in charge of it for the night. While it was nice not to have to worry about the liability of a camera while we were snorkeling or swimming or sleeping on deck, I wish I had more pictures. That is especially true because the one port I took my camera to, was the one where the Hills stayed on the boat for extra relaxation time. I only have one pic of the whole group. Luckily, I will never forget this trip.


The only picture I have of the eight of us. 😦

I'll let Matt sum up our feelings on the cruise being over.


October 25, 2010

meal planning monday

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Dinner: it’s what’s for dinner.

MONDAY: Grilled Tuna Steaks with Grape and Caper Salsa and Roasted Tomatoes

TUESDAY: Penne with Chicken and Pesto, Breadsticks, Italian Salad and Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse (Small Group at our house)

WEDNESDAY: Pizza (CORE group)

THURSDAY: Honey Pecan Pork Chops with Green Beans and Roasted New Potatoes

FRIDAY: Stuffed Green Peppers with Black Beans and Grilled Plantains

SATURDAY: French Dip Sandwiches with Baked Beans

SUNDAY: Beer Butt Chicken with Broccoli and New Potatoes

Getting very excited to see my favorite superhero in a few quick months

October 22, 2010


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Every friday on the Dave Ramsey show, people get to call in and tell their stories of paying off debt and then scream about being debt free while Ramsey plays the audio from the Braveheart freedom clip in the background. It’s become one of my favorite things about being in the car on Friday afternoons. I don’t know why but when entire families join their voices in chorus to loudly proclaim “we’re debt free” and  the Braveheart audio starts to swell in the background, I end up a bit teary. To be honest, I’ve flat out cried a time or two. And the tears were really a mystery to me. I mean, I know that freedom from debt is powerful. It’s not odd that hearing these families talk about being suffocated and oppressed by debt and finally being able to breathe again would tug my heart strings. Still, I was surprised that their stories had the power to elicit tears. I mean James Horner’s musical skills certainly don’t help keep eyes dry but I’d never dealt with financial debt nor did it carry any real significance in my life. The tears were an oddity.

Then one day, driving home from the post office, it all clicked. I knew why their stories affected me so deeply: my debt.

While I’ve never known the pain and struggle of financial debt, I’ve known the debt of sin. I’ve known the feeling of hopeless suffocation and self-inflicted oppression. I’ve also known freedom. The freedom of breathing again, of sitting still in a moment and knowing with certainty that things were going to be ok. That oppression and hopelessness were things of my past. That sin had lost its power and control in my life. That I was free.

The difference was that these people had slaved and sacrificed for freedom from their debt. Christ had slaved and sacrificed for mine.

At that moment I felt so full of joy and praise, I wanted to call someone and let them know, to share it all. I thought of how many people turn from their debt because of those friday callers on Dave Ramsey. How hearing someone describe the same desperation that debt inflicts on all its holders, and then hearing them scream in joy about their freedom from that oppression is the ultimate catalyst toward finally turning around and walking to freedom. I started wondering how many people would come to true freedom if there was a show where people could call and scream about their freedom from sin.

I got home and sat on the couch, shuffling through the day’s mail and still thinking about it, and how good it would feel to call in and yell out “I’m sin free” for all to hear. And not because I had no sin, or because I’d made up for it by being really good but because someone had paid my debt. Then, I had a passing thought that I should just yell it out right there all by myself, on our couch.  I quickly reminded myself that it was a stupid idea and saved myself the embarrassment of yelling in front of no one, to no one, but in an instant, I changed my mind, tilted my head back and screamed at the top of my lungs “I’M SIN FREE!” with all the gusto I could manage. It was apparently a decent bit, because  it scared the life out of Molly who bolted off the couch and into our bedroom before I could turn to assure her that all was well. So, then I sat there, in silence, a few tears swelling in my eyes and a big smile on my face soaking in my freedom all over again.

A week later, over lunch at my kitchen table, I made my friend scream it with me.

It feels really good to be free. It feels even better to scream about it.

Happy Friday!

Since posts are better with pictures, one from our cruise.

October 21, 2010

save me!

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So on our flight back from Maryland last weekend, Schmalls snapped this pic of me charging my phone. I saw it and was terrified to discover that there had been a creepy, rat-tailed marsupial crawling up my neck right in the middle of the airport! It was likely going to attempt to nest in my hair due to the cool Maryland chill.  Then, with slight horror, I realized the marsupial was my hair. Oh the shame.

Buns are a go-to hair style for me, and I just never knew they could go so very wrong, probably because I can’t see the back of my head. So, please, if you ever see something so horrible attached to my head, notify me immediately or provide me with a photo that I can discover later in embarrassment. 🙂

October 19, 2010

austin.favorites. ::doughnuts::

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It’s unfair to put Gourdough’s in the doughnut category because, really, the delicious concoctions they dish out are so much more. We went to this little food trailer on South Lamar for the first time with Kyle and Jana a few weeks back and let’s just say it was mind-blowing. The doughnuts are so sweet and sinfully delicious, it’s like doughnuts meet funnel cake. They’re served hot and fresh and I think we devoured ours in less than a minute. The real beauty of Gourdough’s is the creativity though. Their doughnut combos are all so unique and tempting. I’ll highlight a few:

Dirty Berry- Fudge icing with grilled strawberries

Mother Clucker-Fried chicken strip with honey butter

Son of a Peach- Peach filling, cinnamon, sugar and cake mix topping

Baby Rattler- Fudge icing and fudge oreos with a gummy rattlesnake

Slow Burn- Habanero pepper jelly with cream cheese topping


Did I say mind blowing? They’re delicious and you can get any of them with a scoop of ice cream on top (which we did)! Holy Guacamole Batman! I will be going there for my birthday this week and probably bi-weekly when I’m pregnant. I’ve predetermined that these doughnuts will be my pregnancy craving.

Here is a pic of Jana and I at Gourdough’s. (Yay phones with flashes!) Our doughnut was eaten to quickly to be photographed.


October 14, 2010


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The sky last night was on fire with golden ambers and deep purples. I attribute its beauty to my favorite season: autumn.

October 7, 2010

The Final Schedule

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So after listening to, researching and reviewing over 100 ACL bands here are some of my thoughts about this project. When I decided I wanted to really experience all the best possible shows at ACL and took up the endeavor to do so, I never thought it would be such a big project. If I had, I probably wouldn’t have done it. After all, I could have just read blurbs on the ACL sight and done stage roulette and probably still had an amazing experience. Fortunately/unfortunately, I’m stubborn. Once I decided I was going to do this, I was going to do this, regardless of how silly, or how little anyone really wanted to read my opinions on random bands. In the end I felt really happy about it too. Not only did I finish but I also found lots of new bands to love. When I was in school, I was obsessed with finding new music and lately that just hasn’t been the case. I’ve been living off of new music from mix cds mailed by Lyndesey Hefer (love!) and car commercials. It was great to get back in the swing of music. I didn’t love the timeline of it all, squeezing in so much music I could really feel my brain swelling, but that was mostly a factor of procrastination at the beginning. In the end, I’m excited about so many more bands than I had expected, and lots of bands with early slots, which is usually not the case. All in all, I was happy to devote a chunk of my life to music over the past few months, because when it comes down to it, music is one of the things that brings me the most happiness.

Also, I should have proof-read more. Lots of errors.

I know this has put other blogging on hiatus and people may be sick of seeing posts with that giant ACL logo, so, to appease, here are some upcoming blogs having nothing to do with music:

  • Cruise pictures!
  • Thoughts about Dave Ramsey
  • Some books I’ve been reading (and a book giveaway!)
  • Fun surprises from Evan
  • Fall foliage (it just has to happen first!)
  • The greatest doughnuts of all time

Have a wonderful Thursday and here is my final schedule. It has been well researched, well planned and I’m quite happy with the end result.

There were a few conflicts but only a few so big that I am actually torn about choosing, most of them were quick decisions or concerts where I can split sets if I so desire. The big conflicts are:

Matt and Kim/Deadmau5

-I’m probably most excited about seeing Matt and Kim because I love their music right now but I think that Deadmau5 is going to be an unbelievable spectacle/performance.

Spoon/Amos Lee

-This shouldn’t be a hard one since I’ve seen Amos Lee before, but that is the whole problem, I just can’t bring myself to take him and his gorgeous voice off my schedule.

Devendra Banhart and the Grogs/Dawes

-Two new bands that I both really want to see. Devendra’s versatility verus Dawes’ folky groove. Can’t pick.

Ryan Bingham/Robert Randolph/Vampire Weekend

-Three bands in one slot? It was too much. I think I know how it will play out but I’m still a tad undecided.











October 6, 2010

ACL Roundup: Bands that Start with the Letters U, V, W, X, Y & Z

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Look! It’t the last one! I finished. Nothing has shown be my stubbornness to finish quite like this project. Here are the End of Alphabet Bands, ranked 1-5 on my likelihood of seeing them at ACL.

Vampire Weekend- Since first hearing Vampire Weekend, I’ve have mixed feelings. I know that they are all the rage right now and I get it. Their songs are catchy and upbeat and the lead singer has a great voice. They add fun touches and different instruments into their songs too. They’ll put on a great show and I’ll definitely go, then maybe I’ll be 100% on the bandwagon.
My Vote: 4

Vonnegutt- These guys mix r&b and rap with some lyrically-driven pop-rock. They’re somewhat similar to Gym Class Heroes. There songs are catchy and have good beats but I don’t think it really catches my attention. The lyrics are somewhat lacking, mostly about girls, which I guess happens with rap a lot but it just doesn’t do it for me. Not to mention they are playing pretty early in the morning and early in the day=not a time I want to listen to this type of music.
My Vote: 1

Warpaint- This female foursome from Los Angeles sings harmonies in hushed, dreamy tones. Their overall sound is really mellow, the kind of mellow that is borderline depressing at times, with lucid guitars and varying rhythms. I do enjoy some of their songs especially Elephants and Billie Holiday but I’m not particularly stoked about seeing them at a festival.
My Vote: 3

Wesley Bray & The Disciples of Joy- These guys have beautiful voices. I can’t figure out how gospel singers all have these amazingly clear, deep voices that are just dripping with soul. It’s really rare to hear a voice like that outside of the gospel genre. I’d like to see these guys and luckily I can because they’re also on the Gospel Brunch Circuit in Austin. I’m really excited about starting to do that. I’m also excited to have some weekends in Austin with nothing to do but Gospel Brunch, come on 2011!
My Vote: 2

White Rabbits- This is a six-man indie rock back from Brooklyn. They had the honor of being named one of the top three live performances of SXSW in 2008. This band brings something special to a live performance by having not only two singers, but two percussionists as well. If there is one thing cooler than one drummer, it’s two, playing in sync. It adds a lot of energy and life to their music.
My Vote: 3

Yeasayer- These guys are quite unique. This group out of Brooklyn makes music that is full of layer upon layer of music, interlacing samples, beats, synth and everything in between into melodies that somehow make sense. Somewhere I read that listening to them was like going on a world musical Safari, sampling little bits of everything and then moving on to something else.
My Vote: 3

Whew. I did it. Now to post my schedule, the conflicts that remain and a few reflections on this whole ordeal.

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