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September 30, 2010

ACL Roundup: Bands that Start with the Letter Q

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I have a schedule. I will finish. I’m feeling a bit accomplished. Also, I’m surprised that there were two Q Bands, but here they are ranked by my desire to see them at ACL (1-5).

Q Brothers- This is the biggest enigma of ACL for me so far. Mostly because I’m having trouble finding much of their music. They’re playing at the Austin Kiddie Limits stage, so I was expected some folked-out kids’ tunes or something but I’m just finding rap from them. And not kids’ rap. No singing about brushing teeth or robots. The ACL site said they adapted some Shakespeare for an off-broadway play and have done lots of hip/hop sketch comedy. I’m just confused. Are they a kids’ band? Why are they singing about bourbon? Wrong stage? Eh. Who knows.
My Vote: 1

Qbeta-This group from Sicily blends together their local musical scene with Latin influences and a horn section that waivers a bit between traditional folk style music and a more big band type feel. They sing in Italian, another language I don’t speak fluently. On the slowest of songs it’s so pretty that I don’t even care but it’s harder for me on the quicker songs. It loses some of its beauty which I can’t combat by having a clue what they’re singing about.
My Vote: 2


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