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September 29, 2010

ACL Roundup: Bands that Start with the Letter P

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I’ve had the slightest bit of bitterness toward the letter P ever since its top-heavy awkwardness made my wedding cake adornment look off center but I think I’ve come to a place of peace with the P, maybe even a place of love. So it’s a good time to review the P bands based on my likeliness of of seeing them at ACL (1-5).

Pat Green- Funny thing. Pat Green is actually playing in my living room as I sit down to write this. Evan and some guys from work are hanging out in the backyard and there is a Texas Country Pandora station going. I think it’s hard to make it through college in Texas without growing a soft spot for Pat Green. His music ends up being the unintentional soundtrack for so many happy memories. He does has a good ol’ country voice and rhythm guitar and I don’t think I’d regret seeing him.
My Vote: 3

Pete Yorn- I love Pete Yorn. His musicforthemorningafter album is one of my favorites. I enjoy the entire record. His voice is contemplative, wistful and a little raspy. The right amount of raspy-ness in a voice is one of my favorite qualities. I had mixed feelings about his latest album with Scarlett Johansson but I just really enjoy him. He is a staple on my night driving playlist (a very high compliment).
My Vote: 5

Phish-I totally forgot Phish was going to be at ACL, which is odd because they’re headlining. I don’t gravitate toward Phish and I think it’s because their fans are so loyal and so enthusiastic that I feel a bit like a cheat just going to give them a casual listen. I know they’re iconic. They’re talented. Heck, they have a Ben and Jerry’s flavor all their own. I just missed the train. Of course, there’s no better time to jump on the train than a live show, since they’re a jam-band capable of rivaling the Grateful Dead.
My Vote:4

Ponderosa- This is a band of delicious old Southern rock. If I had to guess, they’d be drinking whiskey while they performed. I like their southern lap steel, banjo sound. They’re not an all new sound but they’re a good sound, it’s hard to go too wrong with influences like The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. I think a lot of these bands with earlier time slots will be really great discoveries.
My Vote: 4

Portugal. The Man-I guess this trio would fall into the category of experimental or progressive rock. They’ve been compared to Pink Floyd but I’m not sure I see it. They mix in falsetto and spacey synth sounds beautifully with their smooth swaying vocals. Two bonus point issues: they encourage people to download their music for free but you wouldn’t want to because their cd jackets are beautiful works of art and you’d totally be missing out.
My Vote: 3


  1. oh Pete Yorn. I discovered him after 2 songs from musicforthemorningafter were on heavy rotation when I worked at Banana Republic as a Freshman in college…10 years ago. woah.

    Comment by Meg — September 30, 2010 @ 9:44 am

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