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September 29, 2010

ACL Roundup: Bands that Start with the Letter O

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Why not do four letters in one day? I’m behind anyways. Here are the O Bands ranked by my likelihood of going to see them.

Okee Dokee Brothers: Ok dokey, so Okee Dokee Brothers are definitely my favorite of all the Austin Kiddie Limits bands so far. I really want to have at least two boys and they sing about robots. And that’s all a mother could ever want from a band for her boys. In fact, I think I know a few little boys who would enjoy this music in the upcoming years. Will I see them at ACL? No. Will I try really hard to remember that I like them when I have kids? Yes.
My Vote: 1

Ozomatli: This band describes their style as the kind of mix you get from hearing all the different radios through the rolled-down windows on Sunset Boulevard. It’s a mix of Latin and hip hop and funk and rock and salsa. I thought it was a good description. Of more importance is the fact that their concerts often involve full out Conga lines through the crowds, and that’s just fun.
My Vote: 2


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