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September 29, 2010

ACL Roundup: Bands that Start with the Letter L

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Here we go again, the L Bands scored on a scale only important to me, my likelihood of seeing them at ACL.

LCD Soundsystem-If you listen to their songs (or watch their music videos!), you can’t help but think they’d be a fun group to see in concert. Talented, eclectic and a bit crazy. Just to clarify, when I say talented, I mean grammy winning. They have three for dance/electronic. Now those aren’t genres I’m generally into but they have a very universal appeal. So it’s a go.
My Vote: 4

Lissie-This folky singer from Rock Island, Illinois has got a voice. And I mean a voice. It’s the kind of voice that you almost have to close your eyes to listen to, so that you can give more priority to your sense of hearing. Her songs are kind of hit or miss for me. I definitely prefer her less countrified songs. All in all, love the voice but just like the music.
My Vote: 3

Local Natives-I like this California quintet. I always get excited about the harmonies that come from bands where so many of the members are capable singers. With their quick and quirky drum beats, and ethereal voices, they’ve got a good sound. I keep wanting their songs to have a bit more energy and I think they will live, since they did pretty well playing at SXSW earlier this year.
My Vote: 4

Lucero-This group from Memphis, Tennessee would fall into to the Country Rock category. Lead singer Ben Nichol’s voice has mood and rasp that hints at a life deeply lived. I remember starting to listen to them in college, and always enjoyed their sound. It’s weird but I’m pretty sure I even saw them in concert before. Have they been at ACL before? I feel like I’m losing my marbles.
My Vote: 3


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