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September 27, 2010

ACL Roundup: Bands that Start with the Letter K

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Two weeks to go. Here are the K Bands, ranked by my likelihood of seeing them at ACL. I’m almost halfway to my perfect ACL line-up. Also, this little cold front has made me extra excited for ACL. The thought of spending the day at Zilker without my entire body melting into a giant amorphous blob is so appealing.

Kings Go Forth: This is a large band (in quantity, not size) from Wisconsin, of all places that is united by one thing: a real love for 70’s funk. While it is fresher and much more well-produced than actual 70’s funk, it is incredibly authentic. No “funk with a bit of pop-rock” or “funk with country overtures” here. Just pure authentic 70’s funk produced in the 2000’s. With a full range of horns, strings and vocals and an electric organ it will definitely leave audiences with lots of groove.
My Vote: 3

Kinky: While Kings Go Forth offer that pure funk sound, Kinky only uses funk as part of there sound. This Mexico based band mixes together funk, rock, and dance electronica to create something far different. Oh, and did I mention they’re from Mexico? I did. But did I mention that they sing in Spanish? They do. I only mention that because it significantly impairs my ability to sing along. Singing in Spanish also makes me instantly watch soccer, specifically a highlight reel of Lionel Messi. That is what I am going to do now, with Kinky in the background. Try it.
My Vote: 2


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