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September 21, 2010

ACL Roundup: Bands that Start with the Letter G

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I feel like I joined a marathon and walked the first 20 miles and now I’m having to sprint to make it through the finish line before they pack up the flags and everyone goes home. So with no further ado I present to you: the G Bands.

Rankings are based on my likelihood of seeing each band. (5 is a must see)

The GIVERS: The GIVERS are quite a jolly bunch. Their mix of synthetic, robot-like sounds mixed with good beats, a strumming guitar and the occasional xylophone (I swear I heard this in there!) match in a pleasant opposition to their folky vocals. I could definitely forsee some of their music backing a commercial in the near future. Isn’t that an odd thing to think? It was one of my first thoughts though and I mean it as a compliment. They remind me just a bit of Vampire Weekend.
My Vote: 3

Gayngs: The concept of this band is so easy to get hooked on–a band with 23 different indie musicians including the frontman from Bon Iver. Maybe my expectations were too high but I found the music less impressive than the overall concept. They have a great mix of vocal styles, which is to be expected but overall I just didn’t love the music. I’m sure in could be different live but it was just a bit too mellow-trance for me.
My Vote: 2

Girls: This San Francisco band can’t help but bring up thoughts of Big 50’s bands like The Beach Boys, though they update the sound with some influences from later decades. Though they have upbeat, poppy songs it is not one of their definitive characteristics, as it was with the Beach Boys. In fact, their song HellHole RatRace would be a wonderful addition to my night driving playlist, which was a big surprise after hearing some of their peppier songs.
My Vote: 3

Gogal Bordello: From the first note of the first song, this band surprised me, which may be to expected from a “gypsy-punk troupe”. They’re a major combination of three things: Romani-gypsy music, highly political lyrics and screaming punk front man. I think if you like them, you probably love them, and I’d expect their concerts to be energetic, screaming dance-fests. However, I think it should be reserved for true fans, and I don’t think I qualify.
My Vote: 2

Gospel Stars: This gospel group located here in good ‘ol Austin, Texas, has such a wonderful blues feel to their hymns. The kind that makes you involuntarily start swaying from the shoulders, slowly and side-by-side, like you’re trying to slow dance with yourself. There is no stopping the sway. The Gospel Stars are regulars at Stubbs Sunday Gospel Brunch, which sadly I must admit, I’ve never attended. They are motivating me to go and I think that would be the right place for me to see the Gospel Stars, probably not at ACL.
My Vote: 2

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals: Grace Potter has an impressive vocal range and depth but with something a bit more rare, the versatility to reinvent her sounds from song to song. This is a much easier feat with instruments than with a voice but she seems to accomplish it with ease. This versatility leaves a conundrum behind though, as I like certain songs much more than others and can’t decide which version of Grace Potter I’d like to see but I do want to see her.
My Vote: 4

I’m  hoping that four vote wasn’t to emotionally compensate for not liking anything else today. Maybe the 11 hours of sleep I got last night was too much!

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