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August 3, 2010

ACL Roundup: Bands that Start with the Letter C

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Rolling right along to the third installment of my attempt to make the ultimate schedule for ACL: The C Bands.

Also, none of these votes are set in stone so if I’m missing out on something or going to make a horrible mistake that will forever scar my ears, help me out. I’m looking at you Daniel, Wes and other ACL travelers.

Voting is 1-5. 5’s are bands I have to see and 1’s are bands that, well, I don’t particularly want to see. Simple enough.

Cage the Elephant: These guys are an alternative rock band with a nice bluesy back to their songs. They have a pretty popular single in Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked. Here is the thing and this is random, but you know how some baby names are ruined by other people with that name? Well I’m getting a little bit of that type of interference with this band. Today when I listened to them, they majorly reminded of a band that some kids from my high school were in, a not-so-great band. Now I’m having trouble separating the two in my mind. I think they’ve got some good catchy songs but I’m not totally on board and that might not be their all fault, but it is what it is. (By the way I looked up that high school band and apparently they’re still together and their songs have been on quite a few tv shows. So maybe I have a bad memory. Or bad taste.)
My Vote: 3

Caitlin Rose: Her voice reminds me a lot of Zooey Deschanel from She & Him but with a little old school Loretta Lynn country feel. She has a really genuine kind of vulnerability in the way she sings that I really enjoy. Lots of passion. I read on the ACL website that her mom has written songs for Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw, so apparently songwriting talents run in the family. I have a feeling it will be an enjoyable show.
My Vote: 4

Carolyn Wonderland: Carolyn is a local Austin singer-songwriter. I heard an interview with her on KGSR and I liked her instantly–she’s level-headed, witty and just plain cool. I guess being described as a “triple threat” and having Asleep at the Wheel and Bob Dylan as fans would amount to that. Her songs are kind of hit and miss for me though. She’s not. She’s got a really unique deep rocking voice and impressive skills on the guitar. I think it’s a matter of style for me, sometimes that bluesy horn rock just doesn’t do it for me.
My Vote: 2

Charlie Mars: I’m really quite excited about this one. I hadn’t heard of him before which is a shame because he’s in Austin and I could have been going to his concerts all along. His voice is smooth, rich and moody. His music has a lot of groove to it, its a little bit dark without being the slightest bit depressing. Really, its about that voice though. It’s mesmerizing. This also goes on the list of cds I may buy at ACL. Also a fun side note, I went to his website to see how often he plays in Austin and he’s playing a free show for blues on the green tomorrow! I may just have to make that happen.
My Vote: 5 (This could change if I get to see him tomorrow)

Chief: I like these guys and not just because they have amazing beards, though they do. They have a really mellow and understated style of rock. They also produce some wonderful harmonies between vocals and guitars that are downright pleasant. There is a perfect environment for their music though I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is. Maybe laying out on the boat dock, or grilling out in the backyard or early morning driving (there are several categories of driving music). Can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe ACL.
My Vote: 4


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