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July 16, 2010

wanna go ride bikes?

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So we survived the Urban Assault ride and I’m quite happy to announce that it was incredibly fun. This may seem obvious but that thought was far from my mind the day before the race as I started calculating the route and adding up all the odds stacked against me-namely that I hadn’t ridden my bike since college and that my bike (beautiful as it is) is a two ton beach cruiser not intended for racing. I further made the mistake of trying out Sheridan’s bike-a road bike-so I knew what I was missing. Luckily, two things were confirmed over and over again-we’re in this for fun and we’re not attempting to win this thing. Again, seems simple enough but that is a big claim coming from such a competitive group. I knew at any minute we could all crack under the excitement and start racing for gold, which would leave me, well, laid out on the sidewalk panting for the sweet oxygen of life.

As it turns out, we achieved both of our goals: we didn’t win and we had an awesome time. The riding wasn’t bad and I loved being downtown on my bike. I just kept looking around downtown Austin thinking “I live here! “, “I’m riding my bike downtown”, “Ahh! There’s a car”, “This is so fun!”. There was one nasty stretch of hill at the beginning that sucked the life from my lungs and my legs but Sheridan-dear that she is-must have seen me suffering because her bike popped a tire at the top of the hill giving me a fabulous rest. Such fortunate misfortune. I think she planned it that way to help a sister out.

The obstacles were fun, piggyback polo, big wheel racing, human bowling and I know spectators certainly enjoyed my participation in the “ride the giant inflatable duck across Town Lake” challenge. Me and inflatable water toys are not friends.

The best part of the race was the amazing fan team the eight of us had-Walter and Sarah Wilcox. Those two are saints. They followed us around the course, providing snack, pictures, drinks and a ride when Sheridan’s bike popped yet another tire. Can’t tell you how jealous everyone was of the drinks while waiting in line for the lake, we could have made a pretty penny.

To sum it up: Awesome.

I would definitely do it again.

I love my bike!

Bike shop skills before race day!

Wes subdued tires into submission.


The route. Just to be real, we skipped stop C. Flat out.


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