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July 29, 2010


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I love Fredericksburg! Every time we visit I can’t believe I don’t pack up the car and drive there every weekend. Or every day. But then that’s a lot of gas money. So we trek over every few months and we just had to take a trip during peach season.

Fredericksburg soil produces the most delicious peaches in Texas.

There are peach stands dotting the entire 290 Highway but we pulled off at Burg’s Corner and I’m glad we did. As I was perusing their assortment of fresh produce, snapping a few pictures, a man behind the counter approached me and asked if I would like to see an entire truck full of peaches. DUH! OF COUSE I WOULD! So he took me out back to the packaging area and it was such a fun thing to explore the background of peach production.

Did I already say that I love Fredericksburg?


How did I not have ice cream?

This marks the first time I wanted to eat raw okra.

I wish peaches were shooting down the conveyor belt!

I want to wallpaper a room with these boxes.

A toast to you, Burg's!


July 27, 2010

ACL Roundup: Bands that Start with the Letter B

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So I forgot about this whole “look into every band playing ACL to make my ultimate schedule” thing. Big mistake. Time is ticking down and I have many more bands to investigate along my journey, I’m going to have to kick this up a notch. So without further ado, the B Bands.

Voting Scale is 1-5.  5’s are must see bands and 1’s are bands my ears will not be partying with.

Balmorhea: Discovering this band has been quite a wonderful surprise. From the time I read that this band scored actual films live, I was completely intrigued. After giving them a listen, they’ve gone on to  score a large chunk of the soundtrack of my life, as they are my new favorite band to listen to while I edit. There music is subtle, emotional and beautiful, all without words. I love the blend of instruments and found sounds. I never thought I could enjoy a vocal-less band so much!
My Vote: 5 (Hopefully I like lyric-less music as much live!)

Band of Horses: The Band of Horses Bandwagon has been accumulating fans like crazy over the past year. I’m happy to take a ride on that wagon. Band of Horses has been described as Neil Young meets My Morning Jacket. It’s a bit of twangy Americana classic rock. I really enjoy their earlier stuff but think their latest release falls a bit flat. After searching the internet a bit, I found this to be a very popular opinion. Regardless, I think they’ll put on a well polished, entertaining show.
My Vote: 4

Basia Bulat: As soon as I heard Bulat, I knew her voice but couldn’t put my finger on why. Well, she happens to be the vocalist from that Subaru commercials. Sigh… I always feel better when I can place things like that. (Thanks Internet!) The Canadian singer has a folky style with an aptitude for poignant songwriting. She plays instruments ranging from the autoharp to the ukelele and has a raw, natural voice that is completely endearing. Her music is really growing on me. When I first heard it, I was ready to pass but that voice just gets me. I may just have to give her a listen.
My Vote: 3

Beach House: This Baltimore-based duo has a very unique sound. I’d call it haunting. Or ethereal. The ACL website calls it dream-pop. Their voices seem to float in and out of their songs alongside the haunting (there’s that word again) waves of their instruments. I haven’t heard much like it. It’s the kind of music that I think would be played in a trip-out montage in a movie. Very trippy. I’m thinking dream-pop will not be a new genre in my iTunes anytime soon. It’s just a little too weightless for me.
My Vote: 2

Bear in Heaven: The Brooklyn-based group would best be classified somewhere between electronic and experimental rock. Music classifications are getting weirder and weirder huh? I really like them. They’re definitely mood music. I enjoyed them about twice as much when it was raining outside. It’s the kid of music you listen to when you want to just sink into how you’re already feeling. So I guess whether I see them or not depends on how I’m feeling. And whether its raining.
My Vote: 3 (4 if its raining)

Beats Antique: I guess the best way to sum up this trio is–eclectic. They mix Middle-Eastern music with acoustic guitars, strings, horns, electronics and I’m pretty sure I head a didgeridoo in there. Not positive, but pretty sure. They’ve got a definite dancing rhythm to them which makes sense when you find out their debut album was produced with the intent to compliment one of the members style of belly-dancing. They’re apparently all about the theatrics too. Not only is there stage frequently filled with belly-dancing but they also don animal heads and dance around stage. I may just need to see this in person.
My Vote: 4

Black Lips: The Black Lips seem to be more known for their stage antics than their music. Their antics include a wide variety of shock-value material, bodily fluids, band members kissing each other. That sort of thing. Kin dof reminds me of Ozzy Osbourne and his shock value.  Their music, while less offensive, with its upbeat garage-band feel, is underwhelming with mediocre vocals and sloppy execution. Lots of people seem to like them, but I’m not one. Maybe I missed something? Oh well.
My Vote: 1

Blind Pilot: This band had the prestigious honor of being iTunes single of the week back in 2008, which let’s be honest isn’t a real testimony to their talent. I mean, have you heard some of the singles of the week? Bleh… However, in this case I’m regretting missing out on a free single because I really love these guys. There music is simple and beautiful with the kind of upbeat melancholy that makes for the perfect night time road trip song. And for the record that is one of my favorite types of music–night time road trip music. Just hearing it gives me the vision of white stripes approaching and flying past on the asphalt. I love his voice, soft and genuine. This is currently winning the “which cd will I buy at ACL” battle.
My Vote: 5

Blues Traveler: Just reading their name makes me happy. They have been around forever. I looked it up, they’ve been a band since I was 4. John Hopper is great at segues and that rambling scat-style of singing–a definite jam band. There are three reason I think I should go see Blues Traveler. 1) I love harmonicas. 2) I want to hear them play the song Run Around and reminisce about junior high 3) (this is the most important reason) I want to prove that I can sing along to the part of Hook where he starts singing suck it in suck it in if you’re Rin Tin Tin or Anne Boleyn make a desperate move or else you’ll win and then begin to see what you’re doing to me this MTV is not for free it’s so PC it’s killing me….Apparently I will have to learn the lyrics first because I was way off!!
My Vote: 3

Broken Bells: I’m a big fan of this collaboration between Danger Mouse and James Mercer of the Shins. It’s a wonderful collaboration in that it never seems to be simply injecting one style into another but rather weaving them perfectly into something altogether new. Something equally urban hip hop and indie rock at the same time. The lyrics are moody and pensive and their vocals compliment in a slightly weird but absolute ideal way. Who knows how many more shows these two will play together? Got to get while the gettin’ is good.
My Vote: 5 (although I wavered)

Buddy & The Straightway Travelers: This is a local gospel group, which means one thing: they have voices and they know how to belt out some soul! There is part of me that really loves gospel. There are something about gospel vocals, all deep and wide, that no other music can even hint at achieving. Voices that seem to have so much joy and sorrow rolled together they’re just mesmerizing. I’m not sure ACL is my ideal venue for gospel but who knows I may just have to hop over.
My Vote: 2

I’m glad to be back on track.

This Is

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Last night Evan asked me the familiar question “What was the best part of your day?” It took me only a moment’s pause to breathe out the answer like a contented sigh “This Is.” I was submerged in the hot tub up to my chin. The warm water was subtly working wonders on my back–untying the giant knot of pain and tension from the regimen of wakeboarding, running and extreme cleaning I’d been doing over the week. Rain was still trickling down following the big storm, and I could hear it ricocheting off the leaves from the branches of oaks that overhang the hot tub. I watched the drops hit the surface of the water, bouncing up in resistance and spreading a cluster of circles across the water. I had to keep my glass of Malbec tilted to keep it safe. Sitting there with the love of my life, there was absolutely no contest for the prize of Best Part of My Day.  Perfection.

Enjoy the best part of your day!

July 26, 2010

no groceries!

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So I think I may make it through the week without a grocery trip. Weird.

Last week we went for an extra meal with Evan’s dad and went to see Inception an extra time. Then we went to a barbeque with some of Evan’s friends from NI so we have a few meals still to make. Yay!

MONDAY: Pot Roast and Veggies

TUESDAY: Grilling out with friends

WEDNESDAY: Watching Ghostbusters at movie in the park (Pizza from Central Market)

THURSDAY: Feta Chicken with Grilled Corn

FRIDAY: Matt and Lauren’s Rehearsal Dinner

SATURDAY: Wedding!!

SUNDAY: Houston

Excited about the grocery free week. Although, let me be honest—I’m going to go to the grocery store anyways. And do you know why?? Because HEB sold me bad fish! So I’m getting my money back. BECAUSE I CAN. Bad fish is a scarring experience maybe I can get some money for pain and suffering too…

July 23, 2010

free weekend

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I don’t know if there could be two more precious words to roll off of my tongue at 3:44 on a Friday than free weekend.

We’re staying in Austin.

Neither of us are volunteering at church.

There are no events, no weddings, no showers.

An absolutely free weekend.  To be filled with anything of our choosing. I like that.

Maybe we’ll take Molly to the Emma Long Trails, maybe we’ll go eat brunch at South Congress, maybe we’ll laze by the pool for hours at a time, maybe we’ll play tennis. No. Definitely no tennis. Last time I was on a tennis court I ended up with a huge welt on the back of my leg. So no tennis. But something else—utterly wonderful I’m sure.

Tennis always looks fun.

And then this happens. (The assailant will remain nameless.)

But not photo-less. He did it. Boo! (of course it was accidental) Happy Anniversary dear friends!

July 20, 2010

food! (and weekly musings)

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So yesterday I got the greatest Sonic drink of all time.It wasn’t the flavor that made it particularly perfect but the occasion. You see, yesterday two of our most favorite people got to find out the sex of their baby. I was a tad too giddy for my own good so we made a deal that they would bring over a Sonic drink the color of the gender so my anticipation/excitement/Idontknowwhatyoucallit could last a bit longer and have a greater culmination. It was an oceanwater vs. strawberry limeade type arrangement. So image my surprise when they get to our house, present us with our drinks, I look down and see brown. What!?! What is this??

Coke! (Coke?!?!?!?!!!!?)

Because I happen to be a gullible variety of human being I start thinking that their baby must not have been immodest enough. That the doctor must have not gotten a good enough look at the materials. That they still don’t know. The definition of Sonic drinks in the dictionary is gullible. No seriously, look it up. Anyways, our friends then let us know that no one wants really wants to drink Oceanwater so they got us Coke instead! BOYBOYohBOY! I’m so excited for that little boy. So last night we celebrated over half price fajitas at Santa Rita. Happy day.

I’m going to go ahead and mention that when I heard them pull up, I opened the front blinds and smashed my face against the window like a little kid in a candy store. The term overly-excited hardly explains it.


TUESDAY: Odd Duck Farm to Trailer with Papa Pro! (I think this is where we’ll go at least. It is a trailer restaurant downtown that serves really gourmet food at paper plate prices. And on paper plates for that matter. I should probably take my camera. I had been thinking of it and then last night my dad randomly sent me an e-mail about it and how the No Reservations guy had gone there. I’m taking it as a sign. Also, it happens to be next to Gourdough’s another trailer that serves gourmet doughnuts! I LOVE AUSTIN.)

WEDNESDAY: Beef Burgundy with Egg Noodles

THURSDAY: Feta Chicken with Green Beans (Never got around to this last week)

FRIDAY: Grilled Montana Trout with Grilled Veggies

SATURDAY: Chipotle Crusted Pork Tenderloin and Broccoli

SUNDAY: Pot Roast with Carrots and Potatoes

Also, I love that last week was so productive that my schedule is pretty easy this week, meaning I get to do EIIP (everything in its place) all over the house. If I don’t use it, need it or love it, then its going to goodwill. I’m excited.

July 16, 2010

wanna go ride bikes?

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So we survived the Urban Assault ride and I’m quite happy to announce that it was incredibly fun. This may seem obvious but that thought was far from my mind the day before the race as I started calculating the route and adding up all the odds stacked against me-namely that I hadn’t ridden my bike since college and that my bike (beautiful as it is) is a two ton beach cruiser not intended for racing. I further made the mistake of trying out Sheridan’s bike-a road bike-so I knew what I was missing. Luckily, two things were confirmed over and over again-we’re in this for fun and we’re not attempting to win this thing. Again, seems simple enough but that is a big claim coming from such a competitive group. I knew at any minute we could all crack under the excitement and start racing for gold, which would leave me, well, laid out on the sidewalk panting for the sweet oxygen of life.

As it turns out, we achieved both of our goals: we didn’t win and we had an awesome time. The riding wasn’t bad and I loved being downtown on my bike. I just kept looking around downtown Austin thinking “I live here! “, “I’m riding my bike downtown”, “Ahh! There’s a car”, “This is so fun!”. There was one nasty stretch of hill at the beginning that sucked the life from my lungs and my legs but Sheridan-dear that she is-must have seen me suffering because her bike popped a tire at the top of the hill giving me a fabulous rest. Such fortunate misfortune. I think she planned it that way to help a sister out.

The obstacles were fun, piggyback polo, big wheel racing, human bowling and I know spectators certainly enjoyed my participation in the “ride the giant inflatable duck across Town Lake” challenge. Me and inflatable water toys are not friends.

The best part of the race was the amazing fan team the eight of us had-Walter and Sarah Wilcox. Those two are saints. They followed us around the course, providing snack, pictures, drinks and a ride when Sheridan’s bike popped yet another tire. Can’t tell you how jealous everyone was of the drinks while waiting in line for the lake, we could have made a pretty penny.

To sum it up: Awesome.

I would definitely do it again.

I love my bike!

Bike shop skills before race day!

Wes subdued tires into submission.


The route. Just to be real, we skipped stop C. Flat out.

July 14, 2010

if you live in austin…

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These are the two things you should do today:

Go to the Farmer’s Market at the Triangle

It is today from 4-8pm at the Triangle. There is free parking and delicious locally grown produce. Plus, you don’t have to wake up super early like most farmer’s markets.

Then wander over to the movie in the park at Central Market

The movie in the park series is one of my favorite things about summer in Austin. A big crowd joins around the back lawn of Central Market to watch a free movie on warm Austin summer nights. You can wander inside and get some a fresh baguette and some brie and then grab a $3 Blue Moon. Then you lay around on blankets and lawn chairs and enjoy the movie. I love that we always see familiar faces too. It makes Austin seem so quaint. Tonight’s movie is Tommy Boy and I’m quite excited!

If you don’t live in Austin, move here. Simple.

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