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June 24, 2010

ACL Roundup: Bands that Start with the Letter A

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I decided that the smartest way to go through my review and selection of shows for ACL was to start alphabetically. It just seemed so daunting until I could divide it up into 26 letter-based categories. So without further ado: The A Bands.

I’ve decided to do my voting on 1-5 scale. 5’s are for bands I absolutely must see and 1’s are for bands that I’ll probably only hear whilst walking to the food vendors to get me a Avocado and Chicken Mighty Cone and Large Sweet Leaf Diet Peach Iced Tea Thank You Very Much.

Amos Lee- This show is a big, fat yes in my book. Listening to Amos Lee’s mellow voice and soulful guitar just makes me want to close my eyes and sway. Or better yet, slow dance. My favorite thing about Amos Lee is the magic thing that happens when I sing along to his songs:I become jazzy and soulful. Now, I have no delusions whatsoever that this is manifested outwardly, no, I know my voice is just the same and my rhythm is just as awkward but inwardly, oh yes, I am a jazz icon.
My Vote: 4 (He would be a 5 except that I’ve seen him once before, so if his scheduling conflicts with another 4 or 5 band he may end up getting overturned in favor of something new.)

Angus and Julia Stone- Hadn’t heard of this Sydney-based sibling duo before but I have to say I like what I’ve heard of them. His voice is soft and authentic and hers wavers between being quiveringly harsh and childishly sweet but somehow it all works together. They have a good variety to their music, a mix of emotions and styles. I’m a bit nervous about getting a very true experience of the band at ACL. Their live shows are often described as warm, intimate and inviting and I’m just hoping they can pull that off in a big festival environment because I think that is a lot of their charm.
My Vote: 4

Ashley Cleveland & Kenny Greenburg: This husband and wife team definitely has musical chops. She’s won three Grammys and he’s written, collaborated and produced several award winning tunes. Her specialty is gospel rock and apparently she’s one of the best, mixing hard-pounding electric guitar riffs with belting gospel lyrics. I think she does everything she does well and apparently she puts on a great live show I’m just not sure the gospel rock genre is quite for me. Although the gospel stage is the only one at ACL with shade….
My Vote: 2

Asleep at the Wheel: When I first thought of going to see Asleep at the Wheel again, it didn’t get my heart pumping. Then I started playing their music and it all came back to me. Asleep at the Wheel is iconic, not just to country music, but to ACL, they’ve been kicking the show off for years. There is just something about their upbeat jam of country swing that gets you in the mood to listen to music in the hot Texas heat all stinking day. Playing country hits like Take Me Back to Tulsa and Get Your Kicks on Route 66, is bound to get a big crowd of happy, two-stepping fans. I think I just might have to be one of them. Also, wouldn’t it be great of Willie came on stage to play some from his latest collaboration with the Wheel? I love that at ACL that is not at all a far-fetched idea.
My Vote: 3

Getting more excited for ACL everyday!


  1. when Luke and I talk only half jokingly about moving to Austin, the amazingly awesome festivals you guys have always ends up high on our list of why we should move…preceded only by you guys, of course!

    Comment by Meg — June 24, 2010 @ 1:20 pm

  2. I went to see Asleep at the Wheel when I was teaching geometry. I fell asleep on the first row of a concert (small venue) on a Friday night. Do you think any of those same guys are still playing? This is not a comment about their music…more a comment on what it’s like to be a weary high school teacher on a Friday night.

    Comment by cici — June 24, 2010 @ 5:15 pm

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