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June 1, 2010

The Eagles

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So for my ACL musical education/selection process, some bands are no brainers.

The Eagles are a complete no brainer, partially because they’re a headliner so they have no real competition other than an early night’s sleep, but mostly because I grew up on the Eagles.

My dad loves music.

Some of my favorite memories growing up were my dad getting his guitar out of its tattered case to play me “the Train Song”. I begged for it as a child. It was a song my dad wrote and it was good. And that proved that my dad was a rock star. And awesome. The song was full of finger picking, and accompanied by his cool mellow voice and there was nothing I’d rather listen to in the world.

Since my dad was clearly a rockstar, any music he liked was superior to all other music.

He didn’t make us listen to Psalty or Sandy Patti. He let us listen to good music. When he was driving, the cassettes of choice ranged from Don Henley to Elvis, from Lyle Lovett to James Taylor from Willie Nelson to U2 and from Van Morrison to the Eagles.

In his old Toyota Camry, my love of music was born.

I can’t wait to relive those childhood moments all over again, with 35,000 people by my side rocking out to the Eagles.

On a side note, I appreciated my dad exposing us to good music rather than kid music so much that I have already decisively determined that instead of nursery songs our kids will listen to Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue and they’ll be better for it. Or at least they’ll know who Miles Davis is, and that’s a start.


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  1. Wednesday of the below post makes me hate you. (ok maybe not hate but wildly jealous)

    The above post reminds me why i love you. Also grew up on the Eagles… probably because our parents are both so close in age. Didnt know they were headlining ACL! SO FUN!

    Comment by Lyndsey — June 22, 2010 @ 5:31 pm

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