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May 11, 2010

customer service

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Today customer service made my day.

Unfortunately, reaching customer service usually means you first have to be disappointed, which I was. This morning my first package from arrived. is a site where you can order non-perishable items for your home-anything from toilet paper to coffee. They develop  a calendar for you of when you generally run out of standard items and then send you reminders to place orders and deliver all the products to your door. No fee. No shipping charge. They also apply any available coupons to your order automatically and allow you to price compare online. All in all: cool beans.

I received an gift card earlier this year and had been waiting to spend it. They have a 6 item minimum per order so I was waiting to run out of staples. This week I did it and placed an order for: laundry detergent, dryer sheets, dish detergent, dish soap, bug spray and mascara.

My order arrived today in a boring plain brown box and the dish soap had leaked on to everything. Gross.

I was unimpressed. Where was my cute box? Why was everything gross? How could I send this mess back and get reimbursed? So I called alice.

And I hung up feeling as if I’d won the lottery- the small scratch off kind where you win a few bucks. But still! I won the lottery, I mean c’mon.

The representative told me that packages should always arrive in pretty alice boxes and that the package must have been damaged in shipping. Apparently, UPS is supposed to automatically send it back to alice at this point but instead they took all the nasty soap soaked stuff threw it in a new box, cut out the old label and sent it my way. How kind.

She found a report of the UPS damage and the package being delivered anyways. She apologized profusely and told me the protocol. They were re-sending my entire order and crediting my account with $10 for the inconvenience. In addition, she told me to keep everything I could salvage from the first delivery. CHING!

Aside from one or two dryer sheets, everything was salvageable after some rinsing.

Which means I now get two of everything I ordered for $10 less than I’d expected to pay for one set.

I just love companies that own things and work to make it all better.

Sign yourself up for some

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  1. Yea Alice!!

    Comment by Kim — May 11, 2010 @ 4:09 pm

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