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February 4, 2010

feel better.

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So as mentioned, I had a no good, very bad day earlier this week. Now I am feeling much better. I attribute my improved feelings to many things, but I’ll highlight three of them.

1. My sweet husband came home with daisies and wine. Six bottles of wine,  in fact. Wow! My day wasn’t that bad. Then he told me he got a great deal for buying six. So his bargaining skills also made me feel better.

2. I decided to turn cleaning the dishes into a not-so-beautiful but very fun waltz around the kitchen. It is just very hard to feel bad when you’re dancing. Picking up items and gently twirling them back to the fridge, drying pans as you sway back and forth, a little leap here and spin there. So very fun. It is almost imperative that this be done to Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon. Not absolutely necessary but almost.

3. I had my gummy vitamins. Yum. Every day I am allotted two delicious gummy vitamins. On special occasions, I may sneak an extra. Because they are DELICIOUS. I guess having your body all vitamined-up just makes you feel better. If you want a happy morning vitamin treat of your own, you can get them here.

Hope you’re all feeling good today!

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