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January 13, 2010

a great meal

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Any really great meal should take over an hour to eat. Our dinner on Monday night took three.

Brad has been in town visiting us, so we decided to all cook a delicious meal together. So over the course of three hours we cooked, savored, cleaned up the kitchen and the repeated the whole process for all four courses.

When there are three people working in a kitchen everything goes really quickly, but somehow between enjoying wine and talking the meal still managed to take a nice long time.

We made these four recipes:

Bruschetta with White Beans, Sun-dried Tomatoes and Basil

Warm Spinach Salad with a Fire-Roasted Corn and Crispy Pancetta Dressing and Crumbled Goat’s Cheese

Bacon Wrapped Scallops with Fried Sage and Brie Cream Sauce
(the sauce is actually made with melted brie-oh deliciousness)

Lemon Mousse with Blackberries and Raspberry Coulis
(I’ll post more on this later–it was heavenly)

The meal was decadent, delicious, divine. Just fabulous.



  1. Incredibly jealous …. love the pictures!

    Comment by Jessica — January 13, 2010 @ 1:04 pm

  2. vicarious delight.

    Comment by eyeonargentina — January 21, 2010 @ 3:43 pm

  3. i miss your blog posts 🙂

    Comment by Laura — January 24, 2010 @ 4:58 pm

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