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December 17, 2009

fest o’ sausage

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Some of you out there may have curiosity about the little event called Sausagefest. I’m not surprised. Two years ago, before my first sausage making extravaganza, I had no idea what to expect. So here is a story for you.

This is a story of how thirty people turn 200 lbs of various types of animal flesh into delicious sausage. First, you bring the meat. As far as I know, our pork came from the butcher and our venison came from San Antonio, compliments of Big Stan. The sausage making starts early, directly following a delicious breakfast of coffee cakes and casseroles. The first step is to cut all the meat into grindable chunks. Last year, I cut frozen meat on a table outside and my hands were burning, they were so cold. This year, the boys took over this job entirely. Next you feed the meet chunks through the awesome, industrial-strength grinder–a vast improvement over last year’s kitchenaid with grinder attachment. Then we regrind the meat to combine the different types of meat in the correct proportions. Then we season the meat with spices, garlic, and jalapenos. Then we regrind it to make sure the seasoning really gets locked in well. This part is especially fun because you have to make the ground meat into “meat bullets” so that they feed correctly through the grinder. Sounds effects are also helpful. Next is the nasty part. You take these slimy shoestrings, which are in fact animal intestines, and you run water through them to get them to start opening up. I guess it’s kind of like stinking your hand in some pantyhose to prepare them for being filled with your legs. Now pantyhose are going to really gross me out. To be honest, I steer clear from this station because I feel the danger of no longer liking sausage creeping up on me when I approach the casings. ick. Then you load the casings onto the stuffer, again this brings to mind prepping pantyhose at the base of your foot before putting them on your legs. (This was not an intended part of the story, I just can’t stop thinking about it like this.) Then you start cranking, molding and spinning the sausage into a nice round spiral. Then the spiral is separated into looks and tier together with strings. Finally, the sausage is hung by the strings in a smoker in the backyard until it is perfect and delicious. The end.

Here are some pictures of the process (more pics of people and the Marina v. Lonestar football game to come):


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