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November 18, 2009

austin.favorites. ::best sushi::

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I didn’t want to believe the hype. Everyone says it is the best sushi. I was determined not to be overwhelmed by the gorgeous restaurant, with its fancy lighting and sheik decor, not to be intimidated by the hour and fifteen minute wait, not to just give in to the feelings of inadequacy when I couldn’t identify half the items on the menu. Not to like it just because everyone does.

I was going to focus on the food.

That was going to make my decision for me.

I have to admit Uchi is every bit as good as the hype. And it wins my vote for best Austin sushi. The ambiance is all bonus. It is the food that seals the deal.

Evan’s parents treated us to dinner there for our anniversary and the experience could not have been better. Uchi serves all small plates so it is the perfect place to share an evening of food with people you love. I’ll give you the rundown of what we ate:

  • maguro sashimi and goat cheese with cracked pepper, fuji apple and pumpkin seed oil (A)
  • hama chili yellowtail sashimi with ponzu, sliced thai chilis and orange supremes (B-)
  • hot rock “sear it yourself” wagyu beef with ponzu sauce on a japanese river rock (A+)
  • scallop hot rock with orange oil and san baizu (A+)
  • brie ringo tempura fried brie with apple chutney and crisps (A+)
  • pitchfork-wagyu beef and fresh avocado with tonburi land caviar and leek crisps (A+)
  • zero sen-yellowtail with avocado, crispy shallots, yuzu kosho, golden roe and cilantro (A-)
  • mustang-freshwater eel, avocado, yellowtail, and golden flying fish roe (C)
  • shag -tempura fried bond roll with salmon and squid ink sumiso sauce (A)

I think our Mustang roll got forgotten and so it was kind of warm and not quite good. Other than that everything was superb. I closed my eyes in admiration for almost every bite. The flavor combinations were truly amazing. You spend half the meal trying to figure out why all of these random ingredients taste so amazing together. Tyson Cole truly is a culinary genius.



  1. Seriously, i take exception to the shag rating. It was amazing! It was at least a AA **. I respect and love my DIL…I just think she was a little off here. Maybe if we return…….

    Comment by TP — November 18, 2009 @ 9:17 pm

  2. totally going there next Austin weekend…

    Comment by l.tizzle. — November 19, 2009 @ 4:55 pm

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