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November 6, 2009

in my own front yard

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Look what I found today, just sitting there in my own front yard:


A little bit of magical fall! All of our neighbors have trees with green and brown leaves and somehow we got this gorgeous yellow tree. Why are we so lucky? God knows that Fall is my favorite, that’s why.

We’re going camping tonight to enjoy even more of the superior season, don’t let it pass you by, soon it will be winter. Blah.

Also, I’d like to acknowledge my fabulous friend of the week, Mr. Brad Wilcox. Due to this wonderful human being I made it the gym three times this week.

Let me connect the dots for you.

I almost always make it to the gym twice a week, but something about that third trip stops me cold. Well, dear old Bradley Randolph cut me a deal and told me that if I went three times, he’d send me a mix cd. If you know Brad, you know he has great taste in music. This was a prize not to be ignored. The lure of this reward singlehandedly got me into the gym three times in one week. And to top it off Brad extended the deal into all of eternity, so I get to continue being lured to the gym while being inundated with awesome music.

There’s a reason he’s the best man folks.

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  1. i might need you to enlighten me with some of those songs. i feel so out of the music loop these days.

    Comment by Laura — November 6, 2009 @ 1:39 pm

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