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October 31, 2009

happy halloween.

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Be careful, some of your friends are vampires. And not the cool kind from twilight! There may be others…..

P.S. It’s not to late to scroll down and enter win homemade cookies and a good book. 🙂



October 30, 2009

yankee swap!

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So last night the girls and I did a little old fashion clothes swap. It’s something we’ve talked about for months but last night we finally did it. We all brought clothes that had gone stale in our closets over the last year, and offered them up to each other for an extended borrow. That’s the great things about exchanging with friends, even if you want to keep that shirt that just so may be able to fit you again/come in style/you will at least wear it once since you bought it, you’re lending on an extended borrow. They get to enjoy it until you want it back. It was great and I really hit the jackpot. I left with about 11 new things, including two cute new dresses and some items I probably never would have thought to try on my own.

All girls should do this! Even if you happen be a shortie and your friends are six inches taller than you, which is the case with me. Shirts can almost always be traded.

This also gets me in the mood for a little book giveaway. So here is the deal:


1) Anyone can enter to win this book. Anyone.

2) To enter, answer this question in the comments section: What was your most memorable Halloween costume?

3) Submit your answers by midnight on Monday and I will randomly select a winner.

And here is what you win:

The Man who was Thursday by: G. K. Chesterton

It is an allegorical suspense novel and a pretty quick read at 182 pages.  Plus, I love G.K. Chesterton!

We won’t get into much of the plot so that it will be a surprise but I will share these two praises about the book.

“The Man Who was Thursday is not quite a political bad dream, nor a metaphysical thriller, nor a cosmic joke, in the form of a spy novel, but it has something of all three…it remains the most thrilling book I have ever read” -Kingsley Adams

“A powerful picture of the loneliness and bewilderment which each of us encounters in his single-handed struggle with the universe” -C. S. Lewis

That’s right C.S. Lewis likes it. Booya.

I will post the winner on Monday.

The winner will also receive a batch of Mint Chocolate cookies to enjoy with the book. There were the most popular cookie exchange cookies I made and who doesn’t want cookies?


October 28, 2009

ranch weekend

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As I mentioned, we spent last weekend at the ranch and it was wonderful. As soon as we turned down the county road that winds itself toward Que Pasa Ranch in Navasota, Evan rolled down the windows, turned to me and said “just turning onto this road lowers my blood pressure five points”. It’s true. The ranch has a way  of melting all your cares away and lulling you into into a serene state of bliss.

We spent the weekend with the Thompson family, enjoying good food, football, and the great outdoors. And some boys cheating at spades, but we won’t go there. This is a happy post.

When we walked through the new orchard, with rows of newly blossoming fruit trees, we couldn’t help but look toward the future. The thought of the trees growing and expanding and setting down roots to produce fruit, made us think of our little family. That someday we’ll grow too. That in the future our little kiddos and the Thompson’s sweet ones may be picking fruit together from those very trees. Fishing in that very pond. Spending time together in that beautiful place.

It made us excited for things to come, and for the people we know will be sharing it with us.

Now, it should be said that absolutely no one had a better time at the ranch than Molly. She was jumping in the lake, chasing grasshoppers, pawing for fish and even herding cattle. Yes. Herding cattle. We were driving around the ranch and in the middle of the cow pasture, full of giant beasts that could trample sweet Molly to pieces, Evan decided to turn Molly loose. And the amazing thing was that her instincts kicked right in, she started grouping the herd together and sending them on their way and then went to collect the stranglers. I was dumbfounded. Apparently, all my domesticated cuddling and cooing hasn’t ruined any of her instincts. She’s a real dog. And Evan could not have been more pleased. It did make me glad we never came across a hog, because, I’m not quite sure I’m ready to see those instincts.



Ben Levi. Most handsome kid around.


He is just so perfect.

More random ranch stuff:


So we went with collages today to save me from having to upload a million pictures. I’m not sure I’m a fan though. Thoughts?

This last one was simply too magical not to be full sized. Oh happy day.


October 26, 2009

the ranch.

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We spent our weekend here:


IMG_9601IMG_9735IMG_9813It was a fun-filled, refreshing little piece of heaven. More pictures to come…

October 24, 2009

happy anniversary!

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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jacobsen,

Happy anniversary! We like knowing you. We like your pretty anniversary cake.


Mr. and Mrs. Prothro

P.S. Oslo has gotten really dirty playing with Molly while you’ve been gone. Oops. 🙂


October 22, 2009


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From everything I’ve ever heard, sharing birthdays stinks. Everyone I’ve talked to with a late December/Early January birthday agrees, Christmas steals some thunder from their birthday. They often receive the dreaded “combo gift”. A two-birds-with-one-stone gift that leaves them one present-opening day short. And some people have very strong opinions about such gifts.

I would imagine it may be the same for twins. The double wham of birthday fun  probably results in minor jealousies over not having “your own” day. I’m not a twin, so I don’t know but I would guess.

Well, since my junior year of college, I’ve been sharing my birthday. My former roommate, Gina had a birthday just four days after mine. So, inevitably our birthdays got a little mushed together. But here is the thing:

I love it.

It drags my celebration late and brings hers on early. She was a birthday sharing pro long before I knew her, seeing as how her little brother was born on her exact birthday. So I can’t speak for her, but I love birthday sharing. After college, the sharing died down. She lived in Dallas and I lived in Austin. Then a year ago, at birthday time, the Rocks moved to Austin. Then almost a year later they moved to our neighborhood. Sharing is back on and it’s wonderful. It gives our friends so much more incentive to drive in from Dallas just to be with us. (thanks Ali!) It warrants our husbands to combine their surprise powers to think up wonderful days with us. But most of all it is just fun to celebrate with someone you love so much, and when we’re 80, I won’t mind the help blowing out candles either!

Today, on October 22nd, Gina gets all the thunder! HAPPY BIRTHDAY you. You are so very loved.


Mr. and Mrs.  Rock


So giddy.


So fun.


So in love.


So sweet.


So beautiful.

Gina is amazing, anyone who knows her counts themselves blessed. And I count it twice.


October 21, 2009

birthday bliss.

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He concocted a magical birthday surprise for the 26th. We  were going on a double date with Gina and Ian (his co-conspirator) to celebrate both of our birthdays. We went to a wonderful winery in Driftwood, TX for dinner on friday night. We enjoyed the drive, full of winding roads and (almost) changing fall foliage and got to the winery just in time for the sunset. It was a magical piece of heaven. It seemed just like a bit of Europe minus all the trucks and SUVs in the parking lot.

Naturally we took lots of pictures. And Gina tried to push me in the fountain. She’s like that, God love her.


So as we are taking pictures, a bunch of creepers started stalking toward us. See below.


Then these creepers actually jumped into our pictures. Frightening! Stranger danger!!! Well as it turns out, those creepers were our friends coming from all across Texas to celebrate with us. Sweet friends.


Look at all the roommates reunited!


We went and did a wine tasting pre-dinner. Then at dinner I turned to Evan at every other bite to tell him about my scallops. “Seriously, babe, this is one of the  best things that I have ever eaten.”


I just love these girls.


Laura makes me laugh can you tell?


New friends, meet old.

I wish all the people I love the most could gather in one place, and know each other and love each other well. *wink*


It was truly a wonderful night, a wonderful birthday kick-off. On the way home my wonderful husband started pulling money from an envelope with instructions to spend it the next day on a shopping spree with the girls. I was a little flabbergasted. Since I have trouble spending the Washingtons let alone the Benjamins, he gave the girls strict instructions to help me buy some things I love.

So the girls had a sleepover at an awesome condo overlooking the Austin skyline, added a Schmale, had a delicious brunch at South Congress Cafe, and headed to the Domain for a full day of retail recreation. And I have never shopped so well. It was terribly fun. Then we headed back downtown for drinks and snacks at Hotel San Jose. It was just magical to all be together.

My actual birthday was wonderful too. We had breakfast at Starbucks, went to church, got WhichWich, watched the Giants/Saints game and then spent the rest of the day lounging outside enjoying the most perfect weather Austin has offered up yet, drinking Sonic and reading books in the park. Then we went out to eat some great sushi at Kenobi. Nice.

Apparently, this is the never ending birthday because Monday night we got to go out again with Evan’s dad who was in town on business and got to enjoy delicious food at Moonshine. It’s a homestyle restaurant with a twist. The meal started with popcorn and finished with bread pudding. It was pretty special.

As if that wasn’t enough magical birthday-ness, I also won an amazing fantasy football game, where I was projected 10 points below. A special thank you to Brett Favre, D’Angelo Williams, and Hines Ward. I owe you guys big time. Thanks guys.

P.S. My score was 132. (Apparently that is good in a 9 man league.)

So happy I am.

October 20, 2009

the texas stars.

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Thursdays are good nights. We get together with four of our closest friends (both in proximity and heart) and enjoy dinner, merriment, fellowship and some theological discussion. This past Thursday we also enjoyed a Texas Stars game in the new stadium, which is just right up the road. For dinner, we had this. It is really yummy if you’re into creamy wine sauce. Which I am!

On a side note, we did have a bit of a pork-tastrophe before the game. I thought the pork went bad because it smelled like rotten eggs/sulfur. I had to go new pork, thus making the meal late. Then I was told that it smells that way because of the packaging. Huh?! Has anyone heard that? I would like all the information any of you have on what pork tenderloin should smell like straight from the package. thanks.

So after dinner we went to the game. The Stars won 2-0, with both goals scored in the last minutes of the game. The guys enjoyed the game. The girls, well, we enjoyed the company.

One more side note. Wear a jacket to these games! It was so stinking cold. Lane was the only one smart enough for that.


Do Gina and I look like we are about to have a warm evening? Because we’re not.


Ian likes the hockey.


I tried to take some hockey pictures, but due to the giant net keeping us safe from flying pucks, it was difficult.


Lane is pretty. Pretty bored. But also just pretty.


Look at Lane caring about hockey. She’s such a sweet wife.

So the boys will probably go back for more hockey, but the girls will probably just go to Costco. After the game we had hot chocolate and roasted s’mores in the chiminea. Magical.

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