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September 16, 2009

new roads

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I love our church. We’re really blessed to be able to fellowship at ACF. Evan and I both work on the creative arts team, I podcast and he heads up the sound team. I also have a wonderful group of 7th grade girls I meet with on Wednesdays. Tonight is our first night and I am oh so excited! Basically, this adds up to about three trips to church for me a week.

The drive to church is fine, it takes about 15 minutes down ugly old FM620, a street covered in traffic lights and businesses. The turnoff for church is right before the gorgeous overlook of the lake. I never really thought about the drive, just where I was going, what I was about to do.

Well a few weeks ago, something wonderful happened. We were enlightened about a new route. Now I love new routes anyways. But this was not just any route. It is a gorgeous, tree covered, lake-view, curving, no lights and no businesses route. With waterfalls by the side of the road I might add.

And it still takes just 15 minutes from door to door.

How great is that? Its the only road I take now. I enjoy the journey so much more now, and as I was driving today I thought about how much this new road felt like my life. I’d been taking one road that was all well and good because of where I was going. But now, even though I’m going the same place the journey is richer and more enjoyable. Full of more of the things I love.

Thank God for new roads.

I had to pull over and take a few pictures with my phone.



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  1. I wish we had such a nice view on the way to church…because I’m making the trip twice a week over here.
    So when we come see you in November we’ll be sure to be there at least one Sunday so we can see this new road.

    Comment by Meg — September 16, 2009 @ 6:14 pm

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