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September 9, 2009

green grass.

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I love where I live. I love it a lot. I could talk for hours about why I love it and what makes it perfect. It’s hard to imagine living anywhere else. I get excited every time I get to come home. I never thought that I would be the kind of person who lived one place their entire life but it turns out I might be just that. I hope everyone gets to love where they live like I do. Today on the radio I heard a woman say this, “If the grass is greener on the other side, water your lawn.” Now this is a funny statement considering we’re barely allowed to water our lawns here is Austin due to the drought, but I love the principle. I love Austin because I fed my love for Austin. I went to watch sunsets over the 360 overlook, I’ve sought out new restaurants, I’ve gone camping, I’ve met  great women and seen concerts and cheered at volleyball games. Things I couldn’t have done if I had been sitting around thinking how lovely it would be to live in the Italian countryside. It is refreshing to know that I can love any locale with a bit of lawn watering. I can love any season, any home, any job through focusing on growing the good stuff. And maybe plucking a few weeds. So if ever God takes me from Austin, to a lawn less green I’m glad to know I’m learning a thing or two about watering. But until that day comes I’m going to spread a big, warm blanket in my own front yard and brush my hands across the tall, green blades of grass because I sure like my lawn.

[*despite the record drought we’re having, there actually is some real life green grass left in our yard, thanks to my husband’s green thumb watering/maintenance skills. I lack the skills to keep actual green things alive. ]

Wishing you all green grass days! And no I did not carve in that tree. It was a J + J and I carved one J into an E using photoshop. ‘Cause I’m green. Kind of.





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