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September 28, 2009

baby parker.

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A few weeks ago, I tagged along with Jess when she went to take some pictures of sweet baby Parker. This little girl was a champ, sleeping through sun and wind and undergoing multiple outfit/bow changes. Just a little angel, what lucky parents!

We bought our first business purchase, a blue bean bag. And I couldn’t help but snap some shots of Jess and sweet baby Parker. A great day!




Up later this week: pictures from the LSM tailgate, the next 20 things installment and a recipe.


September 25, 2009

barrel of a gun.

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This is a story requested by Gina. It is dedicated to any would be murderers/robbers that read my blog. 🙂

So back when Evan and I lived in our apartment, there were a few occasions where I would hear strange noises after he left. Not that odd in an apartment since you live under, above and around all your neighbors. However, if Evan had the early shift and it was around 6 in the morning, my sleepy delusions would turn to paranoia. If you know me well, you know that I am very odd when I’m sleepy.

I live in a half dream/half reality world  and things get very confusing.

Well, that day when I told Evan about the attack I had dreamed up during my delusional waking hours, he decided it was time for some combat training. He handed me our shotgun and made me practice sticking the barrel out the bedroom door, clearing the action and shouting mean scary things at him as he pretended to be an intruder. After several trial runs, he was satisfied. He told me the real trick was the sound of cocking the shotgun, apparently that sound is the #1 burglar deterrent. (And I thought it was me attempting to sing Whitney Houston)

It should be added at this point that our gun isn’t loaded. No bullets allowed. I can shoot a gun fairly well, but me shooting a gun in my delusional morning stupor is more dangerous than the Russian mafia breaking into my house.

So a few months ago, I had the chance to use my skills.

Evan was out with some guys from work and Molly and I were home cuddled on the couch, well all of the sudden she started barking and growling a bit, which put me on high alert. She’s a black mouth cur, genetical sibling of Old Yeller. And Old Yeller knew when there was trouble. Then I start to hear noises in the guest bedroom. I began to think things over. stay calm. breathe. go get the shotgun and head straight for danger.

No joke on that last one, I am the stupid chick from horror movies that walks right into the bathroom to “check” on those very odd chainsaw sounds mixed with blood curdling screams. In college, when our house was actually robbed, I went around searching for the perp. Not my brightest moment. Maybe they have rehab for that kind of thing? “Ignorant, Over-curious, Horror Chicks Anonymous”. We could meet in a high school gym.

So, Molly by my side and shotgun in my hand, I begin to approach the extra bedroom, I can still hear the scuttling. In a moment of fury, I throw open the door and swing my gun around the corner to the source of the noise….

And there they are, staring down the barrel of my gun, Laser and Nitro, our gerbils.

Made me feel pretty lame, I just pulled a gun on two rodents in a cage! but at least they looked scared so I guess I was doing it right.

Now as I said at the beginning, this blog is written for would be robbers/murderers and I’ve already painted a pretty pathetic picture of me and my unloaded gun. So a few things you should know, in addition to my cunning intellect and gun cocking sound, we have bullets in the bedroom, in case I really need them. The #2 deterrent of criminals is a dog. And we have one of those. And though she is cuddly and sweet and her name is Molly, she is kin with Old Yeller and she will bite out your jugular if you ever try to hurt me. Have a super day!! Love, Julie


September 23, 2009

three things.

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Fantasy football. I’m slightly obsessed with it. We joined a league at the last minute so there would be an even number of teams. I figured it would be like last year, we’d auto-draft and then forget about it, giving opponents a very lovely surprise when they got the joy of playing us on a bye week. Well, due to my combined love of football, statistics and competition, fantasy football is my new best friend. (My undefeated best friend might I add.) I don’t just love it, I lurve it. Plus, by a stroke of raw  luck  I picked up Mario Manningham last week, a few days before he officially became AMAZING. Sigh.

Australia. I miss that place. I got to study abroad there for three months. Today on BigPicture there were pictures of the freak dust storm in Australia, that turned the entire Sydney sky red. There were so many red-tinged pictures that I had taken in color just a few years ago. The opera house, the bridge, the skyline. It brought back memories of all the places we ate and visited and how kind the people were, and it made me want another three months. Anyone have spare frequent flyer miles and three months worth of vacation to lend Evan? I’ll bring you back some really great boomerangs.

Rain. It makes me want to be super lazy. All day PJs lazy. Still in bed at 2pm lazy. Not cross one thing off my to-do list lazy. Rain hasn’t one yet this week, but with its dark heavy clouds, 20 degree temperature change, wet patio and hair-ruining humidity, its putting up a heck of a fight.

Also, I love my husband. And the Round Rock dog park.


September 22, 2009

austin.favorites. ::best chai::

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Mmmmm……cold front anyone? What a delicious, lazy Tuesday afternoon. Kind of makes you want to drink chai and curl up with a good book and a sweet puppy huh? Well that’s what I’m doing minus the chai. Instead the latest of our Austin favorites-chai. Our favorite place for chai is:

Genuine Joe’s Coffeehouse


Here is why it is a winner:

1. The chai is delicious.

I mean that’s all that is really required right? Also, may I suggest a raspberry chai? Oh so yummy. Other nice things about Joe’s are that they have a hodgepodge of seating and dishes, all very eclectic. They have a room with board games, open mic night, local artist’s work on the walls and free wi-fi. About all you can ask for in a coffeehouse. Truth be told it reminds me of Sweet Eugene’s in College Station which also gets it bonus points. Happy place!

September 21, 2009

insult to injury.

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So lots of you got to hear about the embarrassing ordeal of my first car accident. Well, apparently my shame quota wasn’t filled for September because last Wednesday, less than one week after the rolling backwards into a minivan-of-babies, strangers-fingers-in-my-ear first accident fun, I accomplished yet another feat of lameness.

So last Wednesday after coming back from a beautiful drive, happy and carefree, I pull into the garage, roll up the car windows, close the garage and head inside to see my sweet puppy.

A few hours later I realize that I left my book in the car, and head to the garage to retrieve it. I open the door and see my garage door open, exposed to the world. I assume I forgot to close it and hit the button again. STOP. Look back just four sentences ago and you’ll see plain as day that I closed the garage. That didn’t take long to discover did it? NO! And it would have been just as quick for me to think back a few hours and realize that I had closed it and something must be blocking the door. Apparently, patience or rational thought in general were not on my radar that day.

So as the garage door begins to close, I hear it hit the spare tire on the back of my car. Dumb-that was my first thought. Did those few bumper-less hours after my accident really impair my depth of field estimations for my car that much? Then a new thought came into my head. OH DEAR!!

It was at this point that I began to hear and see parts falling from the garage door. Then the entire garage door begins to fall, not like it’s supposed to, but straight down, like on top of  the car. Awesomeness.

I run inside to grab a chair so I can reach up to hold the garage door, then I grab a wrench and start undoing hinges so I can reattach the rolly nail things into the garage track. It was VERY scientific. And you know what? I did it! Me, my sweater-vest, and my grease covered hands had done it! I was so pleased as punch that now the garage door was at least supported, rather than hanging down and that my husband wouldn’t have to come home to another one of my home grown catastrophes.

Like I should be so lucky.

I went to re-attach the next rolly thing and it needed a special tool, a 6 sided screwdriver. Huh? It was also at this point that I realized that on the other side of the garage the track was completely bent and the garage door was altogether crooked. The thrill of my accomplishment was gone. Again, I needed Evan to save the day.

And he did.

He got home, assessed damages, sent me to get the ladder we had lent to a friend and in the 10 minutes I was gone, he had fixed the entire thing. That day he also mowed, fertilized, and fixed the fence. Did I marry a man or what?


The winner of the book drawing was Ms. Jessica Schmale! Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t win, because with a 12.5% chance of winning, you’ll all have books soon. 🙂 And I’ll make sure to put another Bill Bryson one on for you Travis.

September 18, 2009

ben levi

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Yesterday I got to head to Katy, Texas to visit Laura and take some pictures of the cutest little 6 month old I know. Ben is certainly the charmer, we had lunch at a diner and he had a full table of grown women swooning. I think it’s the hair. So gorgeous.


Throwing signals like a little catcher.



IMG_8245He was so happy when dad got home! His face just lit up.

Expect to see more pics of this cutie because I can’t keep away form him, he’s just got that charm. And his mom isn’t bad either.

IMG_7985One of Chloe too! (Laura’s first baby)


So I love books. And I love sharing books. So I’m going to start using my blog to do it. I’m going to do a book giveaway every few weeks. Anyone and everyone can enter! This week we are starting with something random. Shakespeare by Bill Bryson. He is one of my favorite authors because he can make anything interesting. All you have to do is answer this question in the comments section before Sunday at midnight and you’re in the drawing. What is the last good book you read? That’s all. Then if we draw your name, we mail you the book and you enjoy it. Then you can keep it, give it back, or pass it on. Well, I’m off because apparently kitchens really don’t clean themselves. Have a great Friday!


September 16, 2009

new roads

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I love our church. We’re really blessed to be able to fellowship at ACF. Evan and I both work on the creative arts team, I podcast and he heads up the sound team. I also have a wonderful group of 7th grade girls I meet with on Wednesdays. Tonight is our first night and I am oh so excited! Basically, this adds up to about three trips to church for me a week.

The drive to church is fine, it takes about 15 minutes down ugly old FM620, a street covered in traffic lights and businesses. The turnoff for church is right before the gorgeous overlook of the lake. I never really thought about the drive, just where I was going, what I was about to do.

Well a few weeks ago, something wonderful happened. We were enlightened about a new route. Now I love new routes anyways. But this was not just any route. It is a gorgeous, tree covered, lake-view, curving, no lights and no businesses route. With waterfalls by the side of the road I might add.

And it still takes just 15 minutes from door to door.

How great is that? Its the only road I take now. I enjoy the journey so much more now, and as I was driving today I thought about how much this new road felt like my life. I’d been taking one road that was all well and good because of where I was going. But now, even though I’m going the same place the journey is richer and more enjoyable. Full of more of the things I love.

Thank God for new roads.

I had to pull over and take a few pictures with my phone.


September 15, 2009

tour de web.

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Today we’re going to take a nice little stroll through the internet,via youtube drive, and check in on some things I’ve enjoyed over the past month.

We’ll start with this little gem featured on Wife Swap that I found courtesy of Lori’s away status:

I don’t know why but I kind of love that little king.

This one makes me miss camp:

Ah, the good old days.

Next up, that dancing kid, you’ve probably already seen it but it’s worth another go:

I can only hope my kids will one day entertain me like this.

One political piece:

It’s true. Government run healthcare isn’t the only option to fixing our problems. From what I’ve seen of government run organizations it isn’t the best option either. I wish this bill wasn’t being rushed, this is a huge issue and it needs so much more time to discuss.

For our favorite Australian shepherd:

Kind of makes me want a herd of sheep so Molly could learn some new tricks.

And in honor of the first Prothro fantasy football win of the season:

They make me cringe but good hits are one of my favorite things about football.

Hope you all enjoy the loveliest of days. In Austin, it’s 72 degrees and breezy, shorts and long sleeve shirts weather. I love me some Autumn!

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