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August 14, 2009


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today is the day i pay all the bills: internet, water, electricity, cell phone and gas. and let me tell you something, THERE IS A CONSPIRACY GOING ON HERE! every statement i opened seemed to come with new fees and new taxes all arriving simultaneously to create the perfect financial storm of frustration! it all comes down to this, i don’t like being nickeled and dimed (who does?) tell me how much something will cost and then leave it that way. don’t add a service availability fee for my electricity because your financial department told you it would be a clever way to make some more money. i’m pretty sure the service was available last month, at no fee. grrr…

add that to the fact that we have no option to change services on most of our bills, (capitalism don’t fail me now!) and so we’re left with no choice but being pecked away, nickels and dimes at a time.

okay, so i’m being a bit dramatic but i just had to get that out there. at the end of the day we are incredibly blessed and well provided for by the Lord. that money could just be going towards such greater causes than ridiculous fees.

(stepping off soap box) the next blog will be much happier probably with some pics from our trip to the Bahamas.


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  1. The Presidential team would commend you for your patriotism—that’s what they think about paying more taxes!!!!!

    Comment by Mom — August 16, 2009 @ 5:27 am

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