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August 31, 2009

my happy moment

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i love when my day has a happy moment. that moment when it just hits you square in the face that life is absolutely beautiful and could hardly spread one more thing on the table of your contentment. it is a moment of realization-and i had one today. i was driving home from my traditional monday grocery store run, where i had done something terribly wrong and terribly enjoyable. i strayed from my list. i bought out of impulse. it was wickedly glorious. in addition to my list of items for this weeks meals, i bought 1 blackberry izze and $1.20 worth of seasoned kalmatta olives, a delicacy i’ve only grown to appreciate in the past month. i felt a delicious thrill leaving that grocery store. i loaded the groceries into my car, turned out of the parking lot and proceeded to reach across the seat into my bag and pull out my forbidden treasures, throwing my illusions of self restraint aside. i drove home listening to ben fold’s version of tiny dancer, singing loudly and tossing olives in my mouth every time the song had an instrumental pause, quickly turning to my izze if the salt became too overbearing. and that’s when it happened. my happy moment hit: i’m saved by grace, i live in austin, tx–my favorite american city, i’m married to my best friend, i can’t count my true friends with just two hands and i have a mouth full of olives and an off-pitch singing voice with speakers loud enough to blur that fact away. my windows were up but i could have sworn my hair was blowing in the breeze as i melted into the warm sunshine of my happy moment. life is beautiful.

wishing you all a happy moment today.



August 19, 2009

boerne drive.

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I live on Boerne Drive, one of the happiest little streets. On the average summer day I could step out my front door, look to the left and see girls peddling bicycles and giggling as the boys practice kickflips on the portable skate park in the middle of the road. Luckily, we live in a loop off a main street so there is never any thru traffic. Then to my right, smaller kids riding big wheels, or throwing a football with dad. There is a subtle division in the street with most of the older kids living on the left and the younger kids on the right and we live smack dab in the middle. The ladies on our street get together once a month to play bunko. People have BBQs in their front yard. There is an ice cream truck, two actually. One that is super shady and one that looks brand new. It is a very sweet place filled with very sweet people. Lucky us. And lucky me, a few weeks ago I got to head over to my neighbor’s and take pictures of her new baby and play a little wii with her kids. Life is so sweet. So here are a few pics from the day.


adoring parents


tiny fingers


tiny toes


big brother


sleepy baby


sweet family


and done.

August 14, 2009


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today is the day i pay all the bills: internet, water, electricity, cell phone and gas. and let me tell you something, THERE IS A CONSPIRACY GOING ON HERE! every statement i opened seemed to come with new fees and new taxes all arriving simultaneously to create the perfect financial storm of frustration! it all comes down to this, i don’t like being nickeled and dimed (who does?) tell me how much something will cost and then leave it that way. don’t add a service availability fee for my electricity because your financial department told you it would be a clever way to make some more money. i’m pretty sure the service was available last month, at no fee. grrr…

add that to the fact that we have no option to change services on most of our bills, (capitalism don’t fail me now!) and so we’re left with no choice but being pecked away, nickels and dimes at a time.

okay, so i’m being a bit dramatic but i just had to get that out there. at the end of the day we are incredibly blessed and well provided for by the Lord. that money could just be going towards such greater causes than ridiculous fees.

(stepping off soap box) the next blog will be much happier probably with some pics from our trip to the Bahamas.

August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Heidi!

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So I don’t know much about little kids’ birthday parties. With all our nephews living states away, we don’t make it to many parties. So I was excited to be invited to Heidi Lantz’s first birthday when I was in Tyler last weekend. She had her first taste of cupcakes and ice cream and got to play in a blow up pool in the garage. It was all very sweet! And best of all I got to snap a few picture of the whole soiree. (I think that is my first time to ever type that word!)


My favorite thing about the party was the paparazzi of cameras surrounding Heidi’s every move! (myself included!!)


Mmmm…homemade cupcakes!


Needless to say she loved the cupcakes!


Party in the garage.


Loving the pool.


Splish Splash!


Proud grandmas.

Now tell me who could resist this face? Matt is in big trouble. Those eyes will just melt him.


IMG_6495IMG_6498IMG_6499IMG_6502I just love this girl! Thanks so much for letting me celebrate with you guys! Happy Birthday Heidi!