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July 27, 2009

take me out to the ball game

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This weekend we had the joy of going to Houston to watch an Astros game from the Fash family suite. It was great to have a mini roommate reunion, eat good food, and enjoy ice cream sundaes out of baseball helmets. It was all so enjoyable in fact that I hardly noticed just how awfully the Astros played that night.


Not gonna lie, I don’t even know who was pitching.


Evan and Jered discussing the game.

Being in Houston also allowed me a pleasure even greater than watching the Astros from box seats, getting to see sweet Ben Levi Thompson in his very own living room. Here are a few pics of lovely Mr. Bennerman himself.


Hanging out with Uncle Evan, the baby whisperer.


A little dribble


Looking at the bright, beautiful world. And our great new landscaping.


Spit bubble Ben, my personal favorite. What a guy!

Thanks for the wonderful weekend Thompsons! Can’t wait to see you guys again!


austin.favorites. ::frozen treats::

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It’s summer. And I mean it is 110 stinkin’ degrees summer. So it seems that more and more we find ourselves venturing out into good ol’ austin to find ourselves a sweet treat to ease the heat. The beauty is that with the new trailer dining trend in austin, new frozen goodies places are popping up all over the place. We’re aiming to try them all out before it gets cold, luckily in Texas, there is plenty of heat to necesitate all cold treats. So time for the winner, or winners should I say:






Here are some reasons these places are winners:


  • The amount of Arrested Development jokes on the Banana Stand menu
  • Where else can you get a frozen banana with your choice of three different coatings and 12 different toppings?
  • They’re just the right amount of frozen, not hard but cold the whole way through
  • Mmmmm….chocolate covered banana with reese’s pieces on it

Sno Beach

  • Deliciously soft ice
  • Tons of flavors
  • Really nice staff that gives you umbrellas for the sun, and extra goodies for your dog
  • You can get your sno cone with carmel or creme on top

So now I think I’ll be heading to get myself a frozen banana and then off to meet the lovely Ms. Schmale for some happy hour goodness at El Chile.

July 24, 2009

open the floodgates…

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here comes a blogging typhoon!

so i’ve been absent lately and with good reason, both of our computers died over the past few months so for the last month and half, we’ve been borrowing or without computers. thankfully, one computer is finally home, happy and ready to work which is a big relief. although i now have files randomly placed on at least four different computers, it’s going to be a while before i feel all together again.

while i’m putting the pieces back together i’ll be throwing them in here, although it may turn it into several posts scheduled to publish over the next few days.

i guess we’ll start with the fourth of july.

friends.fireworks.fidos.frozen custards.fabulous.


Reese was silly excited about the Forth.


Enjoying an umbrella and some awkwardness in line at Sno Beach


Preparation for Evan’s signature queso–nothing says “Peace out England” like melted cheese–just like Jefferson used to make


lounging pre-fireworks


We walked the dogs to the Fireworks show


They started the fireworks pretty early and shot them pretty low–it was pretty weird.



I thoroughly enjoyed getting to play with a tripod to take some fireworks pics.

It was a wonderful day and seriously, I love America. That Sunday at church they asked the veterans to stand so that we could thank them for their service, and out of no where tears started bubbling up in my eyes. I’m honored to live in this country and so very honored by the men and women who fight for our freedom.

I read some interesting things on freedom here thought you might like to take a look.

Stay tuned, they’ll be more pictures and some best of austin blogs coming up shortly.