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May 8, 2009

great american house warming.

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this past weekend we got to go visit the lovely new home of mr. & mrs. bearden. there house is so cute and comes complete with pecan trees out back for pie making! as always, hanging out with the LSM was jam packed with fun. we played doms, enjoyed a rousing game of kickball, ate queso etc, and partook of general merriment. though i have to say one of the biggest highlights of the weekend came early on friday. if you were there, you probably already know what i’m talking about, luke the bear. friday night we took a field trip to the best german place in texas, the bavarian grill. we enjoyed schnitzel, german pints and the musical stylings of the accordion player. well, when the time comes for a little audience participation, our very own luke friesen is chosen to play the part of the bear in one of the songs. he stands up alongside other patrons, who are sheepishly playing their respective parts, a small moo from the middle aged cow, a quiet yodel from the man in the hat and then the bear enters the song, and luke is not one to disappoint, he lets out a RAWR like you wouldn’t believe, causing the girl next to him to literally shriek in surprise (conveniently she was playing the part of the screaming girl). we all raised our glasses high, quite proud and amused with our friend. but it didn’t end there. you see, this song has about 9 verses, and you better believe that every single time it came to that bear, luke bared teeth (no pun intended) and let out a commanding RAWR, while the other patrons, grew more sheepish and giggly as time passed, likely out of intimidation for luke’s mad bear skills. “moo, moo, yodel-a-he-hoo, arf arf, RAWR, ahhhhhh” it’s a funny thing to write about, but we were quite pleased with our friend’s performance.

here is the best picture i got of the bear-man, excuse the graininess


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