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April 27, 2009

austin.favorites. ::brunch::

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So I’ve started a new little project. Here’s why: 1) I’ve been plagued with indeciseveness lately, well always really, and can never seem to answer the question “What do you want to do tonight?” 2) I’m an organization, chart loving nerd. I’m combining these two possible negatives into one big fat positive! An exhaustive list of places to eat and things to do in and around home, sweet home, Austin, Texas! The list has filters based on mood, price and location. So all I need to do is figure out how I feel and how much I want to spend and VOILA! I have my day planned!

As a fun side project to this list, I’m going to make my own list of Austin favorites! I’ll write a bit about them and from time to time I’ll put my choice against the overall Austin chosen favorite, as decided by and see who comes out the winner in my book.

The best brunch in Austin was an easy category to start with because I have a hands down winner.



Here are a handful of the reasons this is the best brunch in Austin:

  • there is usually a wait if you get there past 10 but the wonderful silver lining is that as you wait you get to walk up and down south congress, visiting thrift stores, antique stores, boot stores, boutiques. i usually look forward to the wait, unless i’m really hungry.
  • they make the only bloody mary i’ve ever liked, it uses a pepper infused vodka that makes it so delicious! also pomegranate margaritas.
  • it’s a small thing, but they have the best dishware. i love their coffee cups, fruit bowls, and margarita glasses.
  • for being such a nice place they’re very family friendly, i didn’t notice so much until meg pointed it out, i guess when i have kids i’ll start to notice those things too
  • okay, onto what really does it–THE FOOD–this will require another quick list
  1. steak and migas eggs benedict (evan’s favorite–such a perfect combo)
  2. carrot cake french toast (oh dear!) with a pecan syrup cream cheese (featured on food network, even better than it sounds)
  3. mushroom soup (you may try to scoff at this but its probably the best soup i’ve ever had–i know, i know mushroom soup?!?!–seriously though, it’s that good!)
  • i’m going to leave those as the highlights of the food menu, but really we’ve never had anything bad there, and that is one of the restaurants biggest compliments
  • finally, this restaurant recieved the joe taylor stamp of approval, and as my dad is a food snob, (the best kind–based on taste not price or presentation), that will stand as its crown jewel in my book

so head on down to 1600 south congress next time you find yourself in austin, tx midmorning with a rumbling tummy. just don’t forget to call us first.

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  1. oh South Congress Cafe, oh my word, the BEST, THE BEST brunch.
    I would like some now. I’ll have to pack up the fam’ and come to Austin.
    oh well. worth it.

    Comment by Meg — April 27, 2009 @ 11:16 pm

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