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September 23, 2008


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Don’t get excited!! We are not, I repeat NOT pregnant! However, the baby brain is at least starting to churn, in large part because some of our very best friends recently found out that they’re expecting. Plus, as mentioned earlier we just got our 4th nephew!! So no matter what it looks like our kids will be the much younger set of cousins in both of our families who are two young to do all the cool stuff their big cousins are doing. Luckily, they’ll be so awesome and cool the older cousins will forgo their activities to play play-do with our kids.That’s the plan at least. Anyways, I just wanted to share some predictions for the future and let you add or revise yours if you like.

Predictions for Baby Prothro:
From the Roomies:

Jered and Ali-December 2010
Will and Laura-July 2010 (they are expecting in March!)
Ian and Gina-October 2010 (we have thebest chance of being preggers together)
Us-October 2011

From the Forgies!

The baby will be born in…(after the wedding)
8 months (A tad premature but a honeymoon baby) – Daniel
10 months (Sep 08 baby – yeah!) – Jesse
11 months – Adam
1 year (Valentine’s all the way) – Andy
1 year, 6 months – Nyc
1 year, 7 months (just not before Darcie and I do!) – Matt
2 years – Lindy
2 years, 9 months – Darcie
2 years, 10 months – Megan
3 years, 1 month – Miriam
3 years, 5 months – Stoner (which is the name she actually wrote down on the paper)
3 years, 9 months – Rebecca
4 years, 2 months – Suzanne
4 years, 11 months – Schmale
5 years, 4 and a half months – Jess
(Sorry Daniel, Jesse, Adam, and Nyc, you lose. And Matt, you’re on your last hope)

So that’s how the bets line up. now we’ll just have to wait and see but for the time being let me just say that I love, love, love it just being Evan and me!

P.S. Let me reiterate, we are not pregnant.


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