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July 22, 2008

what’s so hard about blogging?

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So recently I’ve actually been looking through some blogs of friends and family, mostly to see pictures (especially those of my adorably handsome nephew) and what did I discover but the fact that our lame 2 post blog is linked via three other blogs. Well, this resulted in the smallest twinge of guilt for my sparse and sporadic blogging. Of course, guilt is one of my most potent motivators so here I am pushing the guilt away with blog entry #3.

So what is the big hang up? I’ve learned that a really small aspect about an activity can give me a fairly large aversion to the activity as a whole. For instance, I recently figured out that one of the biggest hurdles for me walking the 1oo yards to our gym is that I have to put on socks and shoes first. That’s when it really sinks in that I’m going to *ick* work out. So, at my husband’s suggestion, I’ve been going in sandals and lifting instead, and lo and behold, not so much of an issue anymore. So what is the blogging hang up?

Well, there’s the fact that I never know my password so I keep having to e-mail and ask for a new one and then they gave me something like *&%T)#KF(ig822@ and then I forget to reset it so the madness has to begin all over again. So I’m resetting it to my default now….so that’s fixed.

Then there is the fact that I don’t know how to upload pictures. If my computer savvy husband was here, he’d just tell me but I’ll have to play around a while. So give me a minute….ok more like 15 seconds there is a little icon about 3 inches from where I type where I can easily add pics, videos and movies. So that’s fixed.

The only other hang ups I have are more psychological in nature. The first is the issue of audience. Who would actually want to read my random thoughts and see my random pictures? Well apparently there are at least three people out there, and since they happen to be three people I love very much, well thats quite enough for me. Not to mention, after a few days working in an office my favorite co-worker definitely enlightened me on how refreshing a quick look through a blog can be during an eight hour work day.

My final issue is that blogging brings to mind the concept of being the type of person that Ayn Rand refers to as a “second hander”. Someone that doesn’t live through the joy of their life for its own sake but instead only feels the completion of joy when the achievements of their life are shared/awed/complimented by others. Of course, let’s be honest I haven’t shared much of the wonderfulness of my life lately and I seem to be loving just fine. So I guess everything is taken care of.

Wait! That sentence and its hanging preposition reminded me of the last great problem with blogging! Grammar! Normally, no big deal, but I happen to me married to a grammar man. This could have catastrophic effects on him, to see my misused adjectives, hanging prepositions and all the other grammar goofs I’m likely to make (on our shared blog no less!). Luckily, he loves me like crazy so we should be able to work through the final barrier. So here I am, barrier free and ready to write.

I will also add a picture just to prove that I really did learn how.

me and the mr. at a baseball game.

me and the mr. at a baseball game.