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May 21, 2008

simple pleasures.

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Can you tell how well blogging is going? This is the first in three months. You could just say I’m leaning in to blogging. No jumping here.

I was just thinking today of how the simplest things can bring such happiness to my days. So, for my enjoyment far more than yours, I’m compiling a list of these things.

  1. People walking with umbrellas for shade.
  2. The paper sacks from whole foods.
  3. The cool new ATMs at Chase. (I don’t need a deposit slip, which is good since I never have one.)
  4. Big trees with low branches.
  5. Little kids that stare at you over mom’s shoulder.
  6. Fresh peaches.
  7. Driving with the sunroof open.
  8. Quotes so good you dogear the page.
  9. Stamps with odd pictures.
  10. Libraries of all sizes and locales.

So there’s ten to get me started. That should at least silence the shuns surrounding my blogging negligence.